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In this podcast we talk to Mo Tahmasebi, the CEO and Founder of StoneFly Inc., about backup and disaster recovery infrastructure.
Backup and disaster recovery solutions play an important role in business continuity and help enterprises comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, CJIS, etc. But choosing the right backup solution is a challenge.
What considerations should business keep in mind when selecting their backup solution?
Are there any specific features they should look for in a reliable backup appliance?
And how do enterprises choose the right backup infrastructure that ensures reduced or no downtime and high availability for mission-critical workloads?
Mo has decades of experience solving enterprise challenges. And in this podcast he shares his insight that can help enterprises to write up a checklist of what they should look for in a reliable backup solution.
We also discuss disaggregated and high availability hardware configurations for backup solutions and their role in enterprise backup and disaster recovery.
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