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In this podcast, we talk to Mo Tahmasebi, the CEO and Founder of StoneFly Inc. about several ransomware attacks on enterprise NAS solutions.
Ransomware attacks are known to cripple entire city departments and records show that they’ve targeted enterprise NAS solutions. Even cloud-based data storage solutions haven’t been completely safe from ransomware attacks.
So what can NAS owners do to protect their important business data?
And what data services and features should be a necessary part of enterprise NAS infrastructures?
Mo answers several of our questions about ransomware attacks. Specifically, we discuss ransomware attacks on enterprise NAS solutions and we ask him why are NAS solutions becoming an easier target for ransomware attacks?
Mo shares several tips that can help enterprise NAS owners to protect their mission critical data. And help prospective NAS buyers to make sure that they don’t experience ransomware attacks in the future.
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