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Cloud Storage for Microsoft Azure – Block, File, Object

  •  Add cloud storage on the fly with scalability,  performance , capacity , security
  • Save money on CapEx (Capital Expenses) and OpEx (Operating Expenses)
  • Use off-site Private or Public cloud storage for regulatory compliance
  • Replication and advanced disaster recovery solution
  • Centralize and global collaboration,  Sync & file share
  • Simplified management,  and built-in data protection
  • Support for NFS, CIFS, Block, Swift Object 


Thank you for registering your StoneFly Cloud Drive for Microsoft Azure subscription. This page includes download links for the guides and instructions that will assist you with the purchase, setup, configuration and use of the StoneFly Cloud Drive.

StoneFly’s Cloud Drive is the perfect solution for:

  • Companies looking to add storage on the fly.
  • Companies looking to save money on CapEx (Capital Expenses) and OpEx (Operating Expenses).
  • Companies required to use off-site storage for regulatory compliance.
  • Companies looking for an advanced disaster recovery solution.
StoneFly Cloud Drive Registration
Download Setup Instructions: Buying and Configuring a StoneFly Cloud Drive from the Azure Marketplace (PDF)
Download User’s Guide: StoneFly Storage Concentrator User’s Guide (PDF)