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StoneFly Celebrates World Backup Day 2019 with a Big Sale

MARCH, 2019
World Backup Day is about spreading awareness about the importance of data protection for data owners. This World Backup Day, StoneFly is not only spreading awareness about backups but also facilitating businesses to setup backup with a World Backup Day Sale.
This article explores World Backup Day’s history and explains StoneFly’s perspective about backups. World Backup Day defines backups as copies of the original data. However, StoneFly recognizes backups as an integral part of a business’s IT infrastructure. That’s why StoneFly defines backups differently and our backup solutions are built to deliver complete data protection to the enterprise.

In this article, we discuss:

World Backup Day – What is it & how did it all began?

World Backup Day
Maxtor, a hard drive company later acquired by Seagate, started the World Backup Month. World backup month diluted into the World Backup Day that it is today.

The World Backup Day is about reminding data owners and data producers that data protection is as important as the data itself. It’s risky to keep a single copy of data and by not creating copies of data, data owners risk data loss.

On their website, World Backup Day defines backup simply as the creation of secondary copies of data. However, StoneFly looks at backup differently.

Let’s look at how StoneFly looks at backups.

What is Backup – How do we define it?

World Backup Day 2019
At StoneFly, we define backup technology as the means to deliver business continuity.

Backups are necessary: In an era where hardware failures, software malfunctions and ransomware cause businesses to come to a screeching halt; backups have become necessary. Backup solutions ensure that businesses have a way to recover their mission-critical and important data and applications and continue operations with minimum downtime.

You might find yourself wondering: Provided that backups are necessary for every data owner but what kind of attributes make-up a good and reliable backup solution? Let’s answer that question from our point of view.

StoneFly believes that a good backup solution must have these qualities / attributes:

  • It has to be Secure, Redundant and Fast.
  • Businesses don’t have time and additional resources – that’s why Backup jobs should be automated.
  • Data is continuously growing – a good backup solution should be equally scalable.
  • Costs matter – Backups should be capable but also cost effective.
  • Backup plan is important – without one, even the best backup solution can be ineffective.

Secure, Redundant & Fast: Considering the threats to business data, backups have to be far more advanced than just copies of their original counterparts. Backups have to be secure, redundant and fast. Businesses cannot risk data leaks and they cannot spare the time that it takes for backup processes.

Automated: This is also the age of automation and most businesses don’t want to spend resources on setting up and managing backup solutions. Not to mention, businesses cannot tolerate the tendency of human error. This means, backups have to be as automated as possible so that they require less management and are efficient.

Highly Scalable: Business data grows as the business operates. Regardless of the scale or industry, data is growing and that’s true for every organizations and company.

Banks process transactions every day, that’s thousands of new transactional records on a daily basis. Healthcare service providers attend to hundreds of patients daily. That generates medical record data for hundreds of patients. Similarly, every business depends on emails and emails add up in number on a daily basis. All of this data grows on a daily and even hourly basis.

Without the ability to scale in capacity and performance, a backup solution is incomplete

StoneFly understands that data growth is an integral part of every business. That’s why we believe that scalability is an important part of a backup solution. And without the ability to scale in capacity and performance, a backup solution is incomplete.

Affordable: Backups need to be secure, fast and automated but businesses have their budgets to consider as well. While IT professionals focus on the capabilities and features of backup solutions, CFOs worry about the procurement and maintenance costs. That’s why StoneFly believes that the best enterprise backup solutions are not just capable and reliable but also cost effective.

The best enterprise backup solutions are not just capable and reliable but also cost effective

Backup Plan: Every backup solution must be executed and setup in accordance to a backup plan. Businesses need to analyze the data their processing and storing.

They must have answers for questions like:

  1. What data is most frequently accessed?
  2. Which data is necessary for business applications and without it the business stops?
  3. Which data isn’t very necessary and the business can tolerate a delay in its recovery?

This enables businesses to leverage their backup solutions in a way that delivers total data security and data protection for their mission-critical applications and data.

A good example of a backup plan or a data protection plan is the 3-2-1 rule.

Now that we’ve established how StoneFly defines backups, let’s look at the threats to business data and why businesses need a backup solution in the first place.

Threats to Enterprise Data – Why Does Your Business Need a Backup Solution?

The general perception is that Ransomware / malware / cyber-attacks and natural disasters (like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.) are major threats to business IT infrastructure. Contrary to popular belief, businesses are more likely to experience data loss due to a drive failure or server failure than a ransomware or a natural disaster.

The major threats to business data, in the order of most likely to cause data loss to least likely to cause data loss, are as follows:

  1. Hardware Failure – 40%
  2. Human Error – 29%
  3. Software Corruption – 13%
  4. Theft – 9%
  5. Computer Viruses / Malware / Ransomware – 6%
  6. Natural Disasters – 3%

(Source: David M. Smith, Ph.D., Pepperdine University)

World Backup Day Sale
This implies that even with advanced storage technology, businesses need to setup data protection solutions that ensure that businesses continue operating even in the event of hardware failure.

This is the reason why businesses need backups because they should not risk a 40% chance of data loss and discontinuity due to hardware failure.

To this point we’ve learned what world backup day is and how it did it begin, what are backups and how StoneFly defines backups and what are the threats to business data.

Now, let’s see what StoneFly has to offer for World Backup Day 2019.

StoneFly Celebrates World Backup Day 2019 with World Backup Day Sale

This World Backup Day StoneFly isn’t only contributing to spreading awareness about data protection and backups but we’re also offering discounts on our enterprise-grade backup solutions.

This is the time of the year when businesses with budget limitations can configure backups that ensure data protection for their mission-critical data and applications. Don’t let financial constraints prevent you from making the decision to protect what’s important for your business.

These are the StoneFly World Backup Day special discount offers for 2019:

  1. Veeam-ready Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance with 40 TB Storage for $2995/-

This is a purpose-built backup and disaster recovery appliance with Veeam backup software. The on-premises backup solution values at $2995 for 40 TB but can be configured with more storage capacity.

It’s a feature-rich backup appliance that offers data services such as encryption, snapshot, replication, erasure coding, and more.

With the Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance businesses can setup reliable, robust and fast data backup and recovery for their mission-critical data and applications. And with the ability to schedule backup and replication jobs, businesses can automate the backup process improving efficiency and reducing human error.

  1. 30 TB Backup Appliance with Cloud Connect to Azure / AWS for $2467/-

Businesses looking to setup the 3-2-1 data protection rule can leverage this enterprise-level backup solution. The 30 TB storage capacity enables businesses to setup on-premises email backups or backups for frequently accessed data whereas the cloud connect can be leveraged to create backups for infrequently accessed data in public clouds like Azure or AWS cloud.

With the hybrid backup solution, businesses can easily configure redundancy and improve business continuity and data availability for just $2467/-

  1. 36 TB Cloud-enabled NAS Appliance with 1.6 TB Flash Cache for $4455/-

With this appliance, businesses can not only get 36 TB storage but also 1.6 TB Flash Cache for applications that process high IOPS and require high performance.

The appliance offers data services that deliver optimized data storage for businesses. StoneFly NAS appliance offers data services such as data encryption, erasure coding, snapshots, replication and cloud connect to public clouds like Azure, AWS, etc. and to StoneFly’s private cloud.

  1. 120 TB Veeam-ready Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance for $455 per month

For businesses looking to setup a backup and disaster recovery appliance for a specific project or for a specific time span – this is the best offer. Businesses can acquire StoneFly’s Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance as a rental / leased equipment.

Businesses, despite their budget restrictions, should never compromise on data protection for their mission-critical workloads and applications. On this World Backup Day, StoneFly is reaching out to those businesses with offers like this one so that they can have enterprise-level backup technology working for them at prices that they’re comfortable with.

  1. World Backup Day Special Offer: Archive Everything to the Cloud for Just $1 per TB

In the spirit of World Backup Day, StoneFly’s celebrating with an offer that’s as low as $1 per TB for archiving in the cloud.

Businesses can archive documents, videos, images, and other types of data on public clouds. The solutions supports all kinds of data services which optimized cloud data storage. Some of these data services are snapshots, encryption, replication, etc.

With this solution, businesses can comply with industry regulations like HIPAA, HITRUST, and CJIS.

Interested about an offer? Contact us. You can send us an email at or give us a call at 510 265 1616.

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