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iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software

Software defined storage solutions are built for the enterprise use-case. Enterprise workloads vary in size, type, and usage. Some run databases and thus need iSCSI servers. Others mostly need file storage (NAS) because they have tons of unstructured data to store. While others need virtualization, compute, and storage: all in one place so they go for hyperconverged storage. But is there a single solution that can help manage all these different kind of workloads?

Many vendors may not have a straight answer to this question. But StoneFly does and our answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Our StoneFusion™ facilitates all kinds of workloads and increases efficiency via the integration of a number of data services too.

In this article, we take a closer look at StoneFusion as an enterprise solution and how it’s bigger and better than conventional data management software.

StoneFusion™: More than a Data Management Software

StoneFusion is StoneFly’s enterprise-grade solution that provides users the tools to effectively manage, fully control, and easily monitor their data storage workloads. Users can customize the StoneFusion dashboard, configure reporting, and monitor physical conditions of their servers, and the consumption of dedicated storage space. 

iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software

However, StoneFusion isn’t just a data management software and this isn’t the complete list of StoneFusion’s capabilities.

StoneFusion also enables enterprise users to configure different types of storage and integrate a number of data services therefore making it a Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution.

But what is a software defined storage solution? Let’s define it.

What is a Software Defined Storage Solution?

A Software Defined Storage Solution enables users to:

  •         Provision storage independent of the hardware
  •         Enhance data storage usage and efficiency
  •         Control the cost of storage

In this context, let’s look at the capabilities of StoneFusion as an enterprise SDS solution.

StoneFusion: The Software-Defined Approach to Enterprise Data Storage

As mentioned earlier, StoneFusion enables users to configure different storage types and integrate enterprise data services.

But what types of storages can be provisioned with StoneFusion? And what other capabilities does StoneFusion have? Does it have cloud connect?

Can the enterprise storage solution play an effective role in data protection?

It’s difficult to answer every single question because StoneFusion is a 8th generation software with a lot of capabilities. However, here are some answers to help you understand our SDS solution:

iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software

What types of storage can be provisioned with StoneFly StoneFusion?

Enterprise users can leverage StoneFusion to configure NAS, SAN (iSCSI), converged (NAS + SAN), and hyperconverged volumes independent of the hardware.

Which servers can run StoneFusion?

StoneFusion runs on multiple mainstream servers such as Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, and all StoneFly storage solutions.

Can it be virtualized and run on hypervisors?

StoneFusion is a virtual storage solution as well and it can also run as a Virtual Machine (VM) on Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix (Formerly XenServer) hypervisors; hence enabling users to control hosts and applications running as VMs.

Can StoneFusion be used to integrate public and private clouds?

Users can integrate public clouds, such as Azure or AWS, or StoneFly’s private cloud, or any other blob or S3 compatible cloud with their storage infrastructure by leveraging StoneFusion’s cloud connect capabilities.

Can StoneFusion’s cloud connect capabilities be used for data backup and recovery?

Backup software, such as Veeam, can also be integrated with StoneFusion to store backups in Azure or AWS, or to spin up VMs directly in the cloud for instant recovery.

How else can StoneFusion help with data recovery?

Another way to leverage StoneFusion for data recovery is using it in conjunction with backup software and setting up replication jobs to private clouds. These replicas can then be used to recover mission-critical workloads in a very short time.

Which data services are supported by StoneFusion?

As mentioned earlier, StoneFusion also enables users to integrate enterprise data services. Here’s a brief list of the advanced features that StoneFusion offers:

Here’s a table for  a comprehensive overview of which features are supported by the NAS license of StoneFusion, the iSCSI license of StoneFusion and the full license / converged license (iSCSI + NAS) of StoneFusion.

iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software

StoneFusion Review by CompareCamp: Great User Experience & Rising Star 2019 Awards

CompareCamp decided to review our enterprise-grade software defined storage solution. They reviewed:

  • Features
  • Ease-of-use
  • Customer support
  • Value for money

In their review, CompareCamp gave StoneFusion a score of 8.1 and the following awards:

iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software
iSCSI, NAS, Hyperconverged: Manage All with Award-Winning Software

CompareCamp is a reliable source and directory platform for SaaS reviews. Businesses visit this website to learn more about software products – from its features and benefits to its pricing and integrations. Based on the evaluation of their team of experts, StoneFusion is awarded the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award for the Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution category. These are due to the product’s simplified and efficient data management, which contributes to our growing user base.

For more information, check out the StoneFusion review. 

Rebranding Opportunity: StoneFusion OEM

StoneFly is offering resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the opportunity to rebrand or white label StoneFusion as part of our StoneFusion OEM offering.

Resellers and MSPs can get StoneFusion and sell it as their product.

StoneFly takes care of the support and technical end of the services. In order to become a reseller, all you need is the marketing ability.

You don’t have to be a technical expert, you don’t need substantial investment, and StoneFusion is a developed and battle-tested product. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in developing the product either.

It’s a finished and ready-to-use product.

For more information about StoneFly’s StoneFusion OEM offering, click here: StoneFusion OEM.

Get a Free Trial of Our Enterprise Software Defined Storage Solution

We’re also offering enterprise customers a free trial of StoneFusion software.

To get a free trial, all you have to do is contact us.

You can call us at +1 (510) 265 1616.

Or you could send us an email at [email protected]

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