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Store, Protect and scale, data in the cloud with StoneFly Azure Cloud Storage




    • Cloud storage with enterprise level scalability, performance and security
    • Simplified management
    • Supports maximum storage protocols NFS, CFS, iSCSI
    • Use off-site Private or Public cloud storage for regulatory compliance
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StoneFly Storage as a Service in Azure

StoneFly storage for Azure provides a fully featured Scale out NAS and iSCSI storage solution in the cloud.
The solution enables the existing application to securely migrate to and connect to the cloud with StoneFly storage gateway.
StoneFly storage in Azure offers wide range of storage options in terms of price and performance. Provides on-demand scalable storage across Azure data bases.

Accelerate Your Business with StoneFly Cloud Storage in

Microsoft Azure

Make data storage hassle-free for your business with StoneFly cloud storage solution. StoneFly cloud storage enables your business to cut costs, move data faster, and manage and control your data easily and effectively. StoneFly facilitates business IT environments to:

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Reduce Storage Costs

Save up to 60% on capital and operating expenses (CapEx and OpEx) by configuring data services, using StoneFly storage gateway, optimizing data storage and enhancing storage utilization rates.

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Facilitate Lift & Shift Business Applications

POSIX compatibility enables users to move their existing on-premise applications to Azure without rewriting them. With StoneFly cloud storage solution, businesses can migrate documents, images, video to NAS volumes in Azure or databases and applications to iSCSI volumes configured in Azure cloud.

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Leverage Business Data to Add More Value to the Business

Businesses can configure high performance scale out NAS storage, iSCSI or SAN volumes and hyperconverged volumes across Azure; enabling business to make the most of their data with a single cloud storage solution

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Move Data Faster

Eliminate bottlenecks and optimize data transfer rates with StoneFly cloud gateway technology. StoneFly’s partnership with Microsoft Azure enables businesses to setup storage in Azure datacenters worldwide. This also helps in reducing latency and enhancing data transfer speeds.

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Effortlessly Manage & Control Data Storage

StoneFly cloud storage provides users a single, centralized management console that enables easier data and management of data and storage volumes. Users can control NAS volumes, iSCSI volumes and hyperconverged volumes using a single management interface. The interface is easy-to-use and has a GUI that’s developed to simplify the end-user experience.

What can you do with our cloud storage solution in Azure

What can you do with our storage solution in Azure

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High performance, block level - iSCSI storage

Easily unlimited storage to your workstation or server in a matter of minutes, without any investment in storage appliances. Local block level cloud or remote iSCSI storage is an affordable way to quickly add storage on the fly.

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Scale out NAS Storage

As your business grows, your storage grows with it. StoneFly provides scalability with ease. Add nodes without losing performance and bypassing any file size constraints that Azure may have.

High Performance Computing Scalable Architecture

High Performance Computing clusters can be created on Azure Cloud Platform. Clustering can provide greater processing power. Moreover, with clustering if one server fails then the other cluster can pick up the workload, enhancing availability. This is a durable, highly available Storage option making it ideal for HPC work.

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Remote Replication from On-Premises Storage Appliance

Easily replicate the data from your physical or virtual NAS, SAN or Hyper converged infrastructure to a StoneFly Cloud Storage hosted in Microsoft Azure. Remote replication to StoneFly Cloud Storage is an affordable way to quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for your important data.

StoneFly Azure Cloud Storage Features


To facilitate businesses and make data storage easier, StoneFly cloud storage solutions deliver a number of enterprise-grade data services. These data services optimize data storage and enhance storage utilization rates – enabling businesses to make the most of their purchased cloud storage capacity and reduce data storage costs.
Data mobility is important for your business. Don’t compromise business productivity and choose the best cloud storage solution for your business.
Setup StoneFly cloud storage solution in Azure to leverage these enterprise-grade data services:

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Provision Storage Faster for Applications with Thin Provisioning

StoneFly cloud storage solution provides thin provisioning with Space Reclamation. Thin provisioning enables business IT environments to commission storage capacities faster and enables full space reclamation – facilitating applications and improving business productivity.

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Enhanced Data Security with Data Encryption

The combination of StoneFly cloud storage solution and Microsoft Azure cloud deliver a highly secure and reliable storage solution. StoneFly cloud storage solution offers built-in security from the ground up and includes a trustworthy multi-factor authentication for comprehensive identity and access management. To secure data at rest StoneFly cloud storage solution leverages AES-256 encryption and while data at transit is secured via SSL/TLS tunneling.

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Support Industry Standard Protocols

StoneFly cloud storage solutions support industry standard protocols like NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and more. Businesses don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, they can continue using their Linux servers or Windows servers with StoneFly cloud storage solutions and Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Prevent Data Loss & Corruption with Delta-Based Snapshots

Businesses can integrate delta-based snapshots with their cloud storage – giving them the ability to revert to a previous ‘state’ of data. This allows IT environments to recover from data loss, data corruption, and ransomware.

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Make Data Highly Available with Geo-Redundancy

StoneFly Azure cloud storage solution enables businesses to create 6 geo-redundant copies with 3 copies within a region. This data redundancy makes sure that data is always available and businesses continue to operate with minimum or no disruption.

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Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication

Businesses can ensure high availability for their important data using remote replication. By configuring synchronous or asynchronous replication jobs, businesses can effortlessly setup a durable and reliable secondary site for business data and applications – ensuring business continuity and integrating data redundancy.

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Effective Data Management with Automated Storage Tiering

Businesses can define policies that move data between storage infrastructure and cloud storage tiers. These policies can be based on the age of the data (date of creation) or the access frequency. With these user defined policies, businesses can automate data management – making it efficient and reducing the possibility of human error.

Recommended StoneFly Cloud Storage Configurations in Azure 

StoneFly cloud storage for Azure is the ideal blend of cloud economics, predictability, and pay-as-you-grow flexibility.


Virtual Machine

  • Instance : A3
  • Cores : 4
  • RAM : 7GB


  • Disk Space : 120GB
  • Drive Type : HDD


Virtual Machine

  • Instance : A4
  • Cores : 8
  • RAM : 14GB


  • Disk Space : 240GB
  • Drive Type : HDD


Virtual Machine

  • Instance : A4
  • Cores : 8
  • RAM : 14GB


  • Disk Space : 605GB
  • Drive Type : HDD

StoneFly Azure Cloud Storage Solution – Licensing Options


StoneFly Cloud storage is available in three licensing options or users can choose to bring their own license (BYOL – Bring Your Own License) for a more customized configuration. The following is a list of features that the different licensing options offer:


Full ( iSCSI + NAS )


Scale Out NAS

iSCSI Storage
Azure for replacement 17 Azure for replacement 17
NAS Storage-NFS
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Delta-based Snapshots
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Thin Provisioning
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Synchronous Replication (Campus Mirroring)
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Asynchrnous Replication
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Volume Encryption
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Data Deduplication
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Easy Active Directory Integration
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Scale Out Storage
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Unlimited Hosts
Azure for replacement 19 upto 1024 Azure for replacement 19
Storage Tiering
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19
Storage Cache
Azure for replacement 19 Azure for replacement 19

Azure Privacy Accreditation, Certifications & Compliance

Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO
27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards including
Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.
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To learn more about Microsoft Azure’s data security policies, download the SOC (Service Organization Controls) reports:

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