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enterprise file sync and share

Access, Sync and Share every bit of data that you care about

What is 365Vault?

365Vault is the latest product from StoneFly — the original innovator of iSCSI.  It is designed for building private cloud file-sharing and syncing solutions that are secure, trusted, and protected.  365Vault was developed for universities, service providers, individual users and all company sizes.   It allows entities to run their own file sync and sharing across client groups, calendars, contacts, secure WebRTC conferencing, Collabora Online Office and more.


Shared Folder Password Protection

Users can share their data with peace of mind with password protection functionality on all of their shared folders.

Access Anywhere from any Device

Access and share data  anytime, anywhere, and from any device.  Both mobile and desktop can upload or download data directly from the cloud.


Share your Data with your Team

365Vault enables you to easily share your data with your team and manage your tasks with ease.

Video Conferencing

Easily communicate with your team at any distance and obtain the best results from your professionals via video conferencing.

Data Recovery with Point in Time Snapshots

Go back and restore your data from any of your scheduled recovery points.


Protect your data from malicious viruses and malware with built-in anti-virus.

Calender and Clients

Share calendars and collabrate with your team and partners for meetings and events.

Public or Private Cloud Storage

365Vault is compatible with many public and private clouds as external storage including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google and many more.

Why 365Vault?

Committed to data privacy and user empowerment, we established our own private cloud storage that is protected, elastic and scalable.  Store and share files with robust features suited to your plans.  Today 365Vault is deployed across the globe with highly-skilled developers and a 24/7 customer support team to assist you with all of your problems.

file sync and share


Enjoy constant improvements from a large, thriving, and diverse user community.  We continue to build our products based on customer feedback.

enterprise sync and share


Folders, files and communications are secure and private with 365Vault.  Files are encrypted while in transit and at rest before uploading to the server. Libraries are encrypted by passwords only you know –- even the system admin can’t see your files.

enterprise file sync and share


Take control and easily scale your enterprise needs with group syncing, AD/LDAP integration, data access control and more features suited for the enterprise.

365Vault Features

Edit documents together.  Conduct video calls over your own server.  Comment on pictures shared with or by you.

File access and sharing

Access your data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN or RDP. 365Valt offers multiple ways to access your files safely:  web access, desktop application, mobile applications and more.

secure enterprise file sharing
enterprise file sharing

Security and control

Create public or fully-private shared files where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely.

External storage


Run 365Vault on your infrastructure, with full control over your data.

AWS, Azure, StoneFly Cloud Storage

365Vault runs on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.  You can also use StoneFly’s cloud storage.

file sync and share
file sync and share

Calendar and contacts

Store, sync and share your plans and contacts with users or groups on your server.


  • Smart Notifications

Alerts users when a shared file or folder is edited

  • Comments

Communicate with team members on every file

  • Activity stream:

View and track all file activity

enterprise file share
enterprise data storage

 Your data is where you are 

Access 365Vault via computer, Android or Apple iOS device.  All you need is the App or a web browser.

enterprise data storage

365Vault keeps your files secure and private.  You decide where you host your data.

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enterprise sharing

Easy Navigation

365Vault offers an easy to use user interface which comes with search, favorites, tags and many more ways to quickly reach the files you need.

Thumbnail Previews

Locate the right file the first time with thumbnail previews of PDFs, images, text files, office files and much more.

Get Rid of Viruses

Integration of virus scanning with the anti-virus app.

Active Directory Integration

LDAP / Active Directory integration and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 support.

Workflow Management

Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage.

Powerful Logging Functionality

365Vault includes powerful, integrated logging and password policy control functionalities.

Powerful Admin Tools

Manage thousands of users with millions of files.  365Vault enables admins with custom workflows, strategies and settings to manage users.

APIs and Tools

365Vault automation tools provide full command and automated access from scripts to control various aspects of the system.

Endpoint Backup

Data loss is the biggest nightmare for your business operations. 365Vault offers the right tools to protect data across all platforms and devices.

Data Leak Prevention

When your sensitive business data gets into the wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to your business’s reputation.  365Vault has unique capabilities to monitor, prevent and fix data leakage.

Recycle Bin Support

Accidentally deleted a file?  You can recover it from 365Vault’s Recycle Bin.

Groups and Permissions

Aggregate users into groups and assign file/folder/share permissions to each group.

Password Protect Sensitive Files

Users can lock files to prevent other users from making edits, preventing unexpected overwrites or data loss.

enterprise sharing

365Vault offers 5 GB free cloud storage for School and Non-profit organizations

enterprise file sync and share

Plans and Pricing


Plan for Corporates



Calender and contacts

Video calls

Default data expiration for shared files

Allow public uploads

Document and Editing

Collabora Office

Email and Outlook integration

Image compressor


Backup and recovery

Multiple domains

Remote access

Mobile application

Desktop client


Workflow management

Multiple languages

Signup feature

Monthly usage report

External server monitoring


Data loss prevention

Federated cloud

Server side encryption

Server management


Multiple storage backup

Password protection

User and Storage

Large file support

External storage for public /private clouds

Advance quota management

Users:  as needed

Storage:  as needed


Portal support

Migration support

Email support

Phone support

Custom consulting

Remote installation support

Branding support

Clustering support


On Premises Cloud


Advanced File Sync and Sharing

Store your private pictures, contacts and calendar on your 365Vault server at home.

Make video calls over your own server.

Add default expiration dates for shared files and data.

Public share and upload

No limits on files sizes

Advanced Document and Editing

Edit and save Microsoft Office documents directly from your mobile device, desktop computer or any device with an Office App.

Your private e-mail and Outlook can be stored at the same place

Advanced Access

Supports multiple domains

Access your 365Vault from anywhere simply with a device with an Internet connection

With 365Vault app for mobile devices

Free desktop client

Advanced Management

Workflow management

Supports multiple languages

Signup feature

Monthly user reports

External server monitoring

Advanced Security

Encryption of your data in transit, during communications, and your data at rest

Ensured safety of your files with automatic anti-virus scanning when uploading

Multiple backup copies of your data

Detecting and blocking of ransomware with the 365Vault scanning engine

Deploy on multiple clouds:  internal & external

Advanced User and Storage

External storage on either public, private or hybrid clouds

Supports large file sizes

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited storage capacity that is also scalable as your needs grow


Portal support

Migration support

Email support

Phone support

Custom consulting

Remote installation support

Branding support

Clustering support

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