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Ransomware Roundup

July 1st - 4th, 2024

BlackSuit Ransomware Gang Claims Attack on Major Japanese Media Conglomerate KADOKAWA

The BlackSuit ransomware group said they were responsible for crippling KADOKAWA, a major Japanese media company, with a ransomware attack last month that took many of its websites and services offline, including the popular video sharing site Niconico. Nearly three weeks later, the company is still working to restore affected systems and resume normal operations. Read more

Patelco Data Breach Locks Out 500,000 Members from Accounts

Credit union Patelco fell victim to a ransomware attack over the weekend that forced it to shut down online banking and mobile apps. The Patelco data breach locked more than 500,000 members out of their accounts, leaving them unable to access funds or make payments. As of Monday, most customers were still without access to their accounts as Patelco worked urgently to restore systems in its "top priority" response. Read more

TeamViewer Confirms Breach by Notorious Russian Hacking Group Cozy Bear

Remote access firm TeamViewer acknowledged it was hacked by the Russian state-backed group Cozy Bear, also known as APT29. Hackers exploited employee credentials to access the corporate network but did not obtain any customer data. The complete impact of the intrusion is still unclear. Read more

Geisinger Data Breach Compromises Information of Over 1 Million Patients

Healthcare provider Geisinger announced a data breach after finding a former employee of IT vendor Nuance had unauthorized access to patient records. The breach exposed names, addresses, medical details and more of potentially over 1 million Geisinger patients. Geisinger is notifying patients and a class action suit is on its way. Read more

Qilin (Agenda) Ransomware: Threats, Techniques, and Prevention

Qilin ransomware leverages advanced programming languages like Golang and Rust to efficiently operate within systems and evade detection. It employs double extortion tactics and targets critical sectors. This blog outlines Qilin's techniques, adaptability, and the risks it poses. Learn more about how to defend against its customization abilities and evolving strategy through proactive security best practices. Read more

Prudential Financial Data Breach Impacted Over 2.5 Million Customers

Financial services company Prudential updated details on a February data breach, revealing over 2.5 million customers were impacted, significantly more than originally estimated. The ALPHV ransomware group said they were responsible for stealing names, IDs, and credentials. Individuals are advised to monitor accounts and reports for fraud. Read more

56TB fully Air Gapped & Immutable Veeam Backup and DR Appliance - Half price

56TB Fully Air Gapped and Immutable Veeam Backup and DR appliance with Object Lockdown Technology for Ransomware protection & Instant multi VM recovery… last 3 Units on half price!

Its 2U, 8 Bay Rackmount unit with 4x14TB Enterprise SAS drives, 12 Core Storage Virtualization Engine, 128GB System Memory, 1TB NVMe SSD, Hot-Swappable Power Supply, 12Gb SAS Hardware RAID Controller, 1 Year Warranty & Support with 2 hours of professional services included.

This powerful 56TB DR365V Backup and DR appliance leverages Veeam-integration using the built-in Air-Gapped network, power management controller repository and storage controller using fully automated and Veeam integrated isolation technology.

Data services such as immutable snapshot, encryption (Hardware), Dedupe (hardware), Replication (Sync, Async), Thin provisioning, HOT/COLD Tiering, Flash Cache (NVMe+SSD), WORM (Immutable policy-based vault), Predictive failure, call home, Real-time performance, report, and notification are available as an option if needed.

For details, contact us.

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