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Air-Gap Backup Repositories for Veeam Availability Suite v10


Thursday January 28     I    11:00 am (PST)

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Join us as we discuss the role of air-gap backups in data protection and why should you use them to store Veeam backups, snapshots, and replicas.

Ransomware attacks are programmed to exploit known vulnerabilities on popular host platforms and infect business-critical servers. These vulnerabilities also impact all backup and disaster recovery (DR) environments deployed on vulnerable platforms.

In this webinar, we’re teaming up with Andrew Stammworthy, a technical advisor from Veeam, to share how you can leverage air-gap repositories to overcome these vulnerabilities and protect your workloads from ransomware attacks.

  • The role of air-gapped backup repositories for Veeam backups
  • Overview of StoneFly Air-Gapped Vault™ & Air-Gapped Fabric™
  • Advantages of using StoneFly air-gap features with Veeam availability suite v10



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