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StoneFly Petabyte Storage Solutions

Petabyte NAS | Petabyte SAN | Petabyte Unified Storage | Petabyte Hyperconverged Storage | Petabyte Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • 60-bay & 108-bay Rack Mount
  • Scalable to Virtually Unlimited Drives & Appliance Nodes
  • Manageable with Single Centralized Interface
  • Built-in Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and StoneFly Cloud
  • Hot-swappable Redundant platinum certified power supplies
Petabyte Storage Solutions

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    StoneFly HA-Modular (HA-M) Appliances

    Our Petabyte storage solutions comprise of highly available modular configuration. Each Petabyte storage solution comprise of 2 x 1U storage controllers, 1 RAID controller, and at least 1 EBOD (60-bay or 108-bay). This creates a truly redundant, highly scalable, and reliable enterprise-class storage solution that delivers Petabytes storage capacity.

    Petabyte Storage Solutions




    StoneFly Petabyte storage solutions are configurable with 512 drives per SAS HBA. Each 1U storage controller houses two PCI slots for a SAS HBA, with a total of 4 SAS HBA per system and support for over 4000 drives with over 40 PBs of storage capacity.

    Our Petabyte storage solutions can also scale out to facilitate larger data storage requirements.



    Configure Petabyte NAS, Petabyte SAN, or Petabyte Unified Storage with Our Petabyte Storage Solutions Today.

    Dually Scalable Petabyte Storage Solution


     Similar to StoneFly HA appliances, our Petabyte storage solutions are dually scalable. Users can choose to add more performance by adding head units, or add more storage capacity by adding petabyte storage arrays, or add both performance and storage capacity by adding both head units and petabyte storage arrays.

    Petabyte Storage Solutions

    This ability to scale to virtually unlimited head units and EBODs make our Petabyte storage solutions future-proof and the best fit for organizations that process continuously growing enterprise data.

    Petabyte Storage Solutions

    Tool-Less Drive Trays

    Effortlessly hot-swap drives in a tool-less process. Maintenance and upgrades are easy and less time-consuming.

    Petabyte Storage Solutions

    Redundant & Hot-Swappable Power Supplies & Cooling Fans

    Continue to operate even in the event of power supply or cooling fan failure. Leverage redundant hardware that makes sure your enterprise data is available while you replace a power supply or cooling fan.

    HA-Modular Cluster Petabyte Storage Solution


    The two storage controllers in StoneFly’s Petabyte storage solutions can be configured as an active/active pair. When configured, each controller performs the same functions giving redundant paths to the user. This delivers a disruption-free storage experience to the user, even in the event of hardware failure.


    Petabyte Storage Solutions


    The cluster configuration makes our HA-modular appliances best fit for enterprises looking for high availability without a single point-of-failure.


    Setup Highly Available, Redundant and Scalable Petabyte Storage up to 40PBs or more

    StoneFly Petabyte Storage Solutions – Hardware Specifications

    Network Port



    Dual Bonded 10 GB RJ-45 (Backwards Compatible with 1GB)

    Optional Upgrade: Up to 10/25/40/100Gb RJ-45, CX4, SFP+, LR Optical.

    Note: Number of ports varies as per appliance form factor.  


    Internal Drives
    3.5” drives:
    • 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB 7200 RPM SAS
    • 900GB, 1.2TB, 1.8TB, 2.4TB 10k SAS
    • 600GB, 900GB 15k SAS
    • 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB, 3.2TB 12Gbs SSD
    Hardware RAID Controller
    RAID Levels:
    0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, and 60 with RAID Cache Battery Backup.
    •  60-bay 4U 12Gbs SAS Attached
      • 108-bay 4U 12Gbs SAS Attached
      power Supply
      Redundant High-Efficiency Hot-Swappable Platinum or Titanium certified Power Supplies

      Software-Defined Petabyte Storage Solutions

      Petabyte Storage Solutions

      Our Petabyte storage solutions come pre-configured with StoneFusion™ – StoneFly’s software-defined storage solution. With StoneFusion, users can control their storage infrastructure and integrate several enterprise-grade data services such as deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, and more.

      StoneFly’s software-defined storage solution facilitates IT administrators to manage, control, organize and process petabytes of storage with a single centralized management interface. This effectively compliments data storage efficiency, utilization, and management.

      Manage & Control Petabytes of Storage with a Single Centralized Management Interface. Large Data Volume Handling and Management have Never Been Easier.

      Our Petabyte Storage Solutions Are Available As:

      Petabyte Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliances – StoneFly DR365V™ & DR365™

      Petabyte backup and disaster recovery appliances are HA-modular configurations for StoneFly DR365V™ and DR365™ backup solutions. Users can add petabytes of storage capacity to the enterprise-level backup and DR solutions and ensure high availability, business continuity, and reduced RTPOs for large scale important business data.

      Both DR365V and DR365, are hyperconverged, highly scalable, redundant, and cloud-enabled backup solutions. Businesses can replicate and spin-up VMs directly on these backup appliances, in the event of hardware failure or crash of the primary storage systems.

      Our backup and DR solutions are purpose-built for enterprise workload volumes. With StoneFly’s approach to backup & DR, businesses can setup a simple, easy-to-manage and reliable data protection solution to protect mission-critical workloads, applications, and data. 

      Petabyte Hyperconverged Storage (Hyper-V/VMware/Citrix Xenserver)

      Petabyte Hyperconverged storage is the HA-modular configuration of StoneFly USS™ (Unified Storage & Server). With support for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX/ESXi, and Citrix Xenserver hypervisors, our petabyte hyperconverged solutions provide a virtualization-enabled storage solution with built-in cloud connect.

      Users can setup a virtualized environment for enterprise applications, programs, or setup backup repositories that is highly scalable, redundant, and supports petabytes of storage capacity.


      Petabyte SAN – Block-level (iSCSI) Storage

      Petabyte SAN is HA-modular configuration of StoneFly Voyager DX and Voyager FC appliances. Our Petabyte SAN supports all the features and enterprise data services of Voyager DX and Voyager FC with the added petabyte scale storage capacity.


      Petabyte Unified Storage – NAS + SAN + Object Storage

      Petabyte Unified Storage is the HA-modular configuration of StoneFly USO™ (Unified Scale Out) – our hyperscale converged storage solution. Similar to the USO appliances, StoneFly Petabyte Unified Storage combines network, compute, and storage with a highly redundant and modular petabyte scale storage infrastructure.

      Users can store up to Petabytes of NAS, SAN, and Object data in one converged, highly scalable and redundant infrastructure.


      Petabyte NAS – File-level Storage

      Petabyte NAS is the HA-modular configuration of StoneFly SSO™ NAS appliances. Our Petabyte NAS storage has all the data services of our SSO NAS solutions with the added high density petabyte storage capacity and the redundancy of a modular infrastructure.

      Our Petabyte NAS solutions are best fit for environments looking for high performance, large scale file-level storage. StoneFly Petabyte NAS storage supports standard industry protocols such as CIFS/SMB and NFS; making them compatible with most enterprise IT environments.


      Use-cases of StoneFly Petabyte Storage Solutions

      Video Surveillance Storage Systems

      Thousands of video surveillance cameras generate large volumes of high density data. Industry regulations and security protocols require long term retention; this can be for weeks, months, or even years. Leverage our petabyte storage solutions and setup cost effective and robust storage for your video surveillance systems.


      Healthcare Data / Medical Record Storage / PACS Archiving

      Healthcare industry generates medical records of each patient and with technologies like PACS archiving they process, store, and retain large volumes of media data and file-level unstructured data. Setup highly secure, high performance, and highly scalable petabyte NAS solutions and store petabytes of confidential data.

      Artificial Intelligence

      Automation and AI requires high speed processing and generates large volumes of high density data. StoneFly petabyte storage solutions can be customized to support the high performance requirements of AI workloads. Our decades of experience enable us to build the right kind of solution that provides the recipe for success.   

      Academic Research

      It isn’t easy storing and managing petabytes of data from research labs. Academic research presents a unique set of data storage challenges. However, it doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. Make it simpler with our petabyte storage solutions. StoneFly petabyte storage solutions deliver high speed read and write experience while keeping the necessary balance between the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the required high performance storage.

      National Labs

      Traditional storage solutions just can’t keep up with the continuously growing high volume of data that national labs process. Customize our petabyte storage solutions and setup large scale storage with an affordable budget. Our solutions are warrantied and we provide 24/7 technical support to facilitate our enterprise customers.  

      Genomics Research Data

      Research data generates large volumes of high quality media data (images, videos, etc.). For reference purposes, this data needs effective storage and retention. The storage solution has to be able to ensure high availability and make data accessible whenever it’s needed. Meet the challenging storage requirements of genomics research data with StoneFly petabyte storage solutions and build a customized solution that scales to virtually unlimited storage capacity.

      Financial Services / Insurance Companies

      Transactions cannot be slow, customers don’t prefer slow speed processing when it comes to financial services. StoneFly petabyte storage solutions deliver the speed financial service providers need along with the storage capacity that can accommodate the high density volumes of data.  


      High definition images and videos, video streaming, video processing, and image and video editing are a constant part of the entertainment industry. Considering the audience, the ability to handle large volumes quickly is of paramount importance to the industry. Deliver as per the expectations of your audience and effectively manage, control, and process high density volumes with our petabyte storage solutions.   

      Local / Federal Government

      With several local and federal governments already leveraging StoneFly storage solutions, we know what large government bodies require and we’ve prepared our petabyte storage solutions accordingly. We can customize our petabyte storage solutions so that they’re fully secure, reliable, and risk-free for large government setups.


      Build petabyte storage solutions capable of delivering high performance and enhancing productivity while keeping the cost implications in check. Our petabyte storage solutions are flexible and truly modular appliances enabling users to scale out to virtually unlimited number of appliance nodes.

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