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Ransomware Roundup

May 6th - 10th, 2024

Ascension Healthcare Takes Systems Offline after Major Cyberattack

Non-profit healthcare network Ascension took clinical systems offline after detecting unusual activity due to a major cyberattack, disrupting operations across its 140 US hospitals. The incident is still under Mandiant investigation to assess full impacts on the millions of patients served and Ascension's recovery timelines. Read more

Dell Data Breached: 49 Million Records on Sale on Dark Web

Dell confirmed a data breach impacting 49 million customers globally. A threat actor gained access to Dell customer databases and attempted to sell stolen information, including names, addresses and purchase details, on hacking forums. While no financial data was taken, experts warn of targeted phishing using physical addresses. Read more

UK’s MoD Breached: China Hacked Ministry of Defence

The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) fell victim to a major data breach exposing the personal details of over 270,000 armed forces after a payroll system was hacked. While salaries were paid, restoration of backed-up systems after the infiltration of sophisticated ransomware remains an ongoing process. Read more

City of Wichita Ransomware Attack Causes Major Disruptions

The City of Wichita in Kansas fell victim to a ransomware attack in late 2023 encrypting critical data and shutting down internal systems and public services like online bill payments and emergency dispatch. The ransomware gang 'Babuk Locker' demanded ransom as the city underwent lengthy recovery efforts restoring systems from backups. Read more

Zero Trust: Enterprise Security for Ransomware Protection

As ransomware poses an increasing threat, traditional network security is no longer sufficient. Zero Trust architecture is a holistic cybersecurity model based on continuous verification without assumptions of trust. Zero Trust provides a robust foundation for protecting critical enterprise assets and data. Learn how StoneFly solutions can help integrate ZTA in your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Read more

Android Malware Attacks Finland's Banking Customers

Finnish authorities warned of an Android banking malware campaign that was using SMS phishing and vishing calls to trick victims into installing a fake antivirus application, which was actually banking malware dubbed "Vultur". This malware provided remote access and was used to transfer over €102,000 out of one victim's bank account without authorization. Authorities urged vigilance against such social engineering attacks. Read more

Veeam License Renewal Can Qualify You for Protect Plus Plan

Introducing our Certified Enterprise Protect plus Plan for every Veeam Renewal due within next 6 months. This plan includes comprehensive planning, Monitoring, Testing, upgrade, optimization, training, Audit, Review and development of your Backup & Disaster Recovery policy and procedures plus best Immutable and Air-gapped security against Ransomware.

Every Veeam Renewal can also qualify you for remarkable $500 discount off the list price on any new purchase of StoneFly Immutable and Air-Gapped Veeam Backup Appliance.

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