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Always-On Certified Scale Out Cloud Storage for Veeam in Microsoft Azure

Deployed in Microsoft Azure Datacenters Worldwide

  • Full integration and optimization with Cloud Connect Gateway.
  • Plug & play, elastic capacity, performance, file size support, user, and data security.
  • No limit on capacity or number of Scale Out nodes.
  • Choice of up to 8TB/16TB/32TB/64TB per node.
  • Single interface for managing backups, replication and restore.
  • Full integration and compatibility to Veeam Direct Restore in Azure.
  • Direct external access to the repository for verification and restore.
  • Optional at rest AES-256 encryption or cloud-to-cloud geo-replication.

70% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Veeam to ensure 24/7 availability of their data and applications.  StoneFly offers backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for on-premise, remote replication, private, public and hybrid cloud.

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Microsoft, Veeam and StoneFly have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Commercial, Government and Cloud Service providers.

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E) or Veeam Connect Gateway in Azure with Veeam Connect on-premise plus StoneFly Cloud solution are the components of  complete backup and disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual environment. This solution provides capacity, file size, bandwidth, IOPS, shared access, multitenancy, security and active directory integration required.

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Enterprises are in need for robust Cloud Storage support for backup and replication such as Veeam. Cloud Storage should overcome the limitation which Azure imposes as public cloud regarding capacity, performance, file size and bandwidth. StoneFly’s enterprise Scale Out Cloud Storage is the solution.

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StoneFly’s Scale Out Cloud Storage for Microsoft Azure not only solves the 1TB file size limitation but also allows the user to “Scale Out” one or more volumes across multiple Azure VMs to create a nearly unlimited amount of storage for your Veeam backups.

StoneFly Cloud Storage is affordable and flexible, allowing customers to only purchase the Storage they need now and only add more Storage to the Scale Out as their storage needs grow.

Management is easy: Only one GUI login is needed to manage all of the Cloud Storage nodes in the StoneFly Scale Out configuration in Azure. StoneFly Scale Out NAS Cloud Storage easily integrates with existing active directory servers to simplify user setup and secure data access.

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Enterprise Scale Out Storage Deployed in Microsoft Azure  Commercial & Azure Government Datacenters Worldwide

StoneFly’s Scale out Cloud Storage allows you to “Scale Out” as your business grows by adding nodes without losing performance and bypassing any storage capacity size constraints that Azure may have. With the StoneFly Cloud Drive with Scale Out you can expand one or more volumes across multiple StoneFly Cloud Storage and Azure blobs using no metadata and a single namespace. Performance increases as new StoneFly Cloud Storage nodes are added. Best of all, you can manage multiple Cloud Storage nodes with just a single user interface. Each time the StoneFly Cloud Storage is scaled out, it adds more capacity, more throughput, and more concurrency. Installation, management and scaling is simple to achieve at any size.

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StoneFly Cloud Storage – Features

Included features for StoneFly Scale Out Enterprise Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure are:

  1. Supports for file system Protocols: CIFS/SMB and NFS
  2. Easy Active Directory Integration
  3. Global file locking
  4. Bypass Azure’s Inherent 1TB File Size Limitations
  5. Scale Out to Petabyte of Storage
  6. Central Management System with Web-Based GUI
  7. Disk Space Quota Management for Directory & Volume Usage
  8. Graphical Performance and Utilization Reporting
  9. Logical Volume Creation and Patented Advanced Storage Virtualization Services
  10. Volume-Level Access Control and Dynamic Volume Management
  11. Multi-Appliance Campus Mirroring and Spanning
  12. Parallel access and execution across Storage nodes
  13. Muti–Tenet and Muti-user Storage
  14. Anywhere  Provisioning,  On-premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud
  15. Anywhere Geo-Replication
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A perfect harmony of software and services.

Security is built into Azure from the ground up and includes a trustworthy technology foundation, multi-factor authentication for comprehensive identity and access management, AES-256 encryption for data at rest, Azure Key Vault for easy encryption key management, industry-standard transport protocols between user devices and Microsoft Azure datacenters and within datacenters, secure connections between VMs, Azure Virtual Network to extend your on-premises network to the cloud through site-to-site VPN, threat management against online attacks, monitoring, logging, reporting, timely alerts, and penetration testing to improve security controls and processes.

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The award-winning StoneFusion® Network Storage Platform (NSP), StoneFly’s patented storage networking operating system architecture, brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network core. Featuring iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Scale Out NAS technologies, StoneFly delivers all the benefits of enterprise managed SANs.

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