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How a University Used StoneFly HCI to Enhance AI and ML Learning and Research


Scaling IT for demanding AI research and remote learning, all with zero downtime and tight budgets, became a major hurdle for the university.


StoneFly USS: The all-in-one appliance streamlines IT by combining storage, compute, and virtualization. It offers easy management, scales to meet growing needs, and supports remote access – all critical for the university’s success.


The university now fosters cutting-edge AI research with secure data thanks to features like air-gapping. Students enjoy a seamless learning experience with remote access, while IT benefits from simplified management and cost savings.


    A university known for its robust AI and ML programs, fostering a large and active community of researchers engaged in cutting-edge projects – all fueled by a high-tech IT infrastructure.




    The university grappled with several hurdles in modernizing its IT infrastructure. Firstly, scaling the infrastructure to meet the demands of cutting-edge research in AI and ML required significant computing power with the flexibility to easily ramp up resources on demand.

    Secondly, students accustomed to seamless access to vast data sets and collaborative tools during on-campus learning expected the same level of service for remote access. All of this necessitated a robust, highly available IT infrastructure with zero tolerance for downtime. Even a brief disruption could hinder research progress or disrupt student learning.

    Finally, tight budgets forced the university to find cost-effective solutions for these evolving IT needs. These challenges had the potential to hinder the university’s ability to provide the best possible learning and research environment for its students and faculty.


    In response to ever-changing IT demands, a university embraced a transformative approach by implementing the StoneFly Unified Storage & Server (USS) HCI Appliance. This innovative solution streamlines IT operations by consolidating compute, storage, and virtualization into a single, easy-to-manage platform.

    “The StoneFly USS HCI has been a game-changer for our IT department,” says Dr. Sarah Thompson, Director of IT Infrastructure at the university. “The ease of management and scalability have allowed us to focus more on supporting faculty and student needs, rather than being bogged down by complex infrastructure issues.”

    The university can migrate critical workloads onto the StoneFly USS HCI platform, including complex database systems. The built-in Proxmox hypervisor allows for seamless integration, while existing environments can be migrated for a smooth transition. As the StoneFly USS HCI scales to accommodate a growing number of applications, the university can consolidate its disaster recovery infrastructure, leading to both cost savings and reduced downtime during disruptions. Additionally, StoneFly’s support for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions empowers students and faculty with secure remote access to data and applications, fostering a more flexible work environment.

     By adopting the StoneFly USS HCI Appliance, the university gains a powerful and versatile solution to modernize its IT infrastructure, enhance performance, improve disaster recovery capabilities, and empower its users with remote access. This transformation positions the university for continued success in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

    Results: Unleashing Innovation and fortifying Security with StoneFly USS HCI

    The implementation of StoneFly USS HCI has yielded transformative results for the institution, fostering a secure and dynamic environment that fuels cutting-edge research in AI and machine learning, enhances the student experience, and optimizes IT operations.

    Supporting Next-Generation Education and Research:

    • Empowering AI and Machine Learning: StoneFly USS HCI provides a robust foundation for research initiatives in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform’s scalability and high performance enable researchers to tackle demanding workloads, accelerating advancements in these critical fields.
    • Enhanced Data Security and Ransomware Protection: StoneFly USS HCI prioritizes data security with built-in features like automated policy-based air-gapping and immutability. These features isolate critical workloads and prevent unauthorized access or modification, safeguarding research data from ransomware attacks.
    • Improved Student Experience: By simplifying IT infrastructure management, StoneFly USS HCI frees up IT resources to focus on delivering a superior learning experience. This can include initiatives such as implementing high-performance VDI solutions that empower students with the resources they need for complex tasks and remote access to data and applications.

    Transforming the Community:

    • Industry and Societal Impact: The university’s modernized and secure IT infrastructure facilitates vital research that extends beyond academia, impacting industry and society. Researchers can leverage StoneFly USS HCI to collaborate with external partners and address critical challenges in public health, bioinformatics, and other areas, all while protecting sensitive data.

    Optimizing IT Operations:

    • Streamlined Management: StoneFly USS HCI simplifies IT infrastructure management by consolidating resources into a single platform. This reduces complexity and frees up IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
    • Scalability and Cost Savings: The platform’s inherent scalability allows the university to adapt its IT infrastructure to evolving needs. Additionally, StoneFly USS HCI can potentially lead to cost savings through factors like reduced server sprawl and energy consumption.

    Unleash Innovation in Your Institution: Explore StoneFly USS HCI Today

    Ready to unlock the potential of next-generation research, enhance the student experience, and streamline IT operations within a secure environment? Explore how StoneFly USS HCI can empower your institution.

    Contact StoneFly today to schedule a demo and learn more about how our innovative HCI solution can transform your IT landscape.

    How a University Used StoneFly HCI to Enhance AI and ML Learning and Research

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