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VSO™ Appliance: Affordable Data Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data storage, backup and disaster recovery are essential for IT driven businesses. Data storage drives data mobility and enhances productivity while backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure data availability and business continuity. Businesses recognize the importance of these solutions; however, these storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions tend to be very expensive.

The cost implications of traditional storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions deter businesses as they consume necessary resources. If businesses invest in these solutions, then they have to compromise on the budget for core operations; and that adversely affects the business.


In order to facilitate businesses on a tight budget, StoneFly offers the VSO™ (Value Scale-Out) appliance series. The VSO™ appliance series comprises of VSO™ NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliance and VSO™ backup and disaster recovery (DR) appliance.


Let’s explore these innovative and affordable storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions.




VSO™ NAS Appliance – Affordable Data Storage

VSO™ Appliance: Affordable Data Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery

The VSO™ NAS appliance is a purpose-built appliance with a number of applications ranging from data storage to file sharing, or even hosting a website. The storage appliance is a scale-out NAS with the ability to scale in performance and storage capacity. With high read/write speeds, the VSO™ NAS appliance facilitates data mobility and speeds up business applications and processes.

VSO™ NAS appliance supports multiple industry standard protocols like CIFS/SMB and NFS making it easy for IT administrators to setup a data storage infrastructure without worrying about compatibility.

VSO™ NAS appliance is not just a simple data storage solution, it’s coupled with a number of data services that make sure data is well protected and secure. These data services include:

Storage Snapshots

With storage snapshots, VSO™ NAS facilitates data backup and recoverability. The appliance can be configured to take snapshots that are used to restore data in the event of a disaster. Snapshot technology facilitates data restores by consuming less space and reducing the time to recover.

Learn more about Storage Snapshot technology.

Erasure Coding & RAID Support

By default each VSO™ NAS appliance has erasure coding that supports RAID 1, 5 and 6. The appliance can also be integrated with hardware RAID controller; this enables the data storage appliance to support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10. With RAID configurations, the appliance delivers data redundancy and reduces downtime in the event of a hardware failure or power loss.

Learn more about RAID technology.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication

Users can configure synchronous or asynchronous replication jobs to replicate Virtual Machines (VMs) or storage data to an on-premises or offsite storage infrastructure. With replicated VMs or storage data, the IT administrators are at ease in the event of a disaster. They can immediately recover mission-critical data and restore business-critical applications and processes.

Learn more about data replication techniques.

Data Encryption – AES 256-bit and SSL/TLS Tunneling

VSO™ NAS appliance secures business data using advanced AES 256-bit encryption technology. Users can integrate AES 256-bit encryption to protect their data at rest, while data at transit is secured using SSL/TLS tunneling.

Learn more about data storage encryption techniques.

Cloud Connect Gateway to Public Clouds – Hybrid Data Storage

VSO™ NAS appliance enables users to configure cloud connect gateway to public clouds like Microsoft Azure storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and other S3 compatible storage repositories. With cloud connect gateway, the VSO™ NAS can be configured into a feature-rich hybrid data storage solution. Businesses can extend their data from the on-premises data storage solution to the public clouds of their choice.

Automated Data Tiering – Effective workload management

VSO™ NAS appliance facilitates effective workload management with automated data tiering services. Users can manage diverse storage tiers: Hot and Cold. IT administrators can enjoy high performance of hot tier and affordable cold tier for enhanced utilization and reduced cost implications.

This isn’t the complete list of data services that VSO™ NAS appliance uses to deliver optimized data storage. Learn more about StoneFly NAS appliance.

We’ve explored the affordable data storage solution; now let’s take a look at StoneFly’s affordable backup and disaster recovery appliance.


VSO™ Backup and DR appliance: Affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

VSO™ Appliance: Affordable Data Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery

StoneFly VSO™ Backup and DR appliance is a purpose-built “All-in-One” data protection solution. The appliance is available in space saving rackmount and tower configurations. Similar to the VSO™ NAS storage appliance, the VSO™ backup and DR appliance comes with a number of data services ensuring high availability and recoverability for important business data.

The features of VSO™ backup and DR appliance include:


The VSO™ backup and DR appliance uses self-healing service to keep track of modifications to data segments. If any segment within a volume crashes, the changes aren’t lost. Once the segment is restored and operational, the modifications are synced. This keeps downtime from affecting data backups and ensures integrity for backup data.

Ransomware Protection – Prevent unauthorized Encryption, Downtime and Data Loss

Ransomware is a continuously growing threat to business data. StoneFly realizes this threat and has equipped VSO™ backup and DR appliance to deliver enterprise-level ransomware protection. Businesses can backup their data in VSO™ backup appliance and in the event of a successful ransomware attack, IT administrators can restore without hassle and delay.

Learn more about StoneFly’s Ransomware Protection Solutions.

Granular and File-level Backups

In order to deliver high speed backup and recovery, VSO™ backup and DR appliance uses Granular and file-level backups. Users can select folders, files or even network shares to backup or recover. This reduces the overall cost of backup and eliminates unnecessary bandwidth usage.

Compatibility with Industry leading Backup Software

VSO™ backup and DR appliance facilitates a diverse range of businesses. The backup appliance supports a number of industry leading backup software. IT administrators and staff don’t have to worry about learning new interfaces and software; they can move the software their familiar with on an innovative on-premises infrastructure. VSO™ backup appliance supports Veeam, Commvault, Acronis, Symantec, Veritas and other backup software.

If you’re wondering about the compatibility of your backup software, contact us to find out.

Industry Compliant Backup Solution

Industries define a set of rules and conditions for businesses and service providers about data backups. If these rules and conditions aren’t complied to, then businesses end up getting fined. That’s why it’s important for businesses to make sure that they’re compliant to all applicable compliance regulations and industry standards.

StoneFly VSO™ backup and DR appliance employs a number of data services and features that make it simpler for businesses to setup compliant backup solutions. Businesses can comply to a number of industry compliance regulations, some of them include: FedRAMP, HIPAA/HITRUST, CJIS, FISMA and more.

Other features of VSO™ backup and DR appliance include:

  • Delta-based snapshots.
  • Data encryption.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication.
  • Automated Data tiering.
  • Cloud connect to Public clouds (Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.)
  • Erasure coding.
  • RAID support.

To learn more about StoneFly VSO™ backup and DR appliance, click here.

At StoneFly, we do not believe in the conventional “fixed model” of architecture. Our expertise enable us to offer customized data storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions. That’s why we encourage customers to contact us and discuss their data requirements with us. This enables us to offer a purpose-built solution to your business.

Setup affordable data storage, backup and disaster recovery for your business today, give us a call at 510 265 1616 or you can send us an email at

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