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Tech or Treat: StoneFly’s Special Halloween offers

October, 2018
The time for scares is here. This Halloween, StoneFly has decided to do the opposite and offer a number of not-so-scary things. Conventionally, storage, backup and disaster recovery technologies or solutions tend to be quite expensive and thus scary. However, StoneFly has always come up with innovative solutions that can accommodate enterprise-level workloads and still be affordable.
To leave a spine-tingling sensation for all of our Halloween enthusiastic IT administrators, StoneFly is offering special discounts on some of our products and solutions. Interested in what kind of offers we have for you? Without further-a-do, here they are:
Tech or Treat: StoneFly’s Special Halloween offers

Configure Veeam Cloud Backups in Microsoft Azure for just $50 per TB

StoneFly’s partnership with Veeam and Microsoft Azure enables us to come up with simplified offers for Veeam powered cloud backups in Microsoft Azure. In order to facilitate the setup, StoneFly’s innovative software – SCVM™ is configured as a cloud storage gateway; enabling Veeam to be integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud. To keep things simple for the user, StoneFly charges on a per TB, per VM basis.

For this Halloween, instead of the previous offer of $75 per Tb; StoneFly is offering $50 per Tb for its users. So don’t let the offer spook you, calculate the price for your requirements and get a free quote.

If you wish to learn more about StoneFly’s offer for Veeam powered cloud backup in Azure, then click here: Veeam Cloud Connect Backups in Microsoft Azure.

Tech or Treat: StoneFly’s Special Halloween offers

Get 40 TB of Storage for just $2995

StoneFly VSO™ appliance series is the best fit for businesses on a tight budget. The VSO™ NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliance is equipped with a number of data services that enhance optimization rates and reduce overall costs; all the while, ensuring simplified data management and delivering high performance.

With this offer, users get a turn-key VSO™ NAS appliance with 40 TBs of data storage for just $2995. Interested readers can place a purchase request by contacting us or they learn more by visiting the VSO™ NAS product page.

Tech or Treat: StoneFly’s Special Halloween offers

Setup 48 TBs of Veeam-ready Backup & DR Appliance for $269 per month

Business IT environments need an effective way to ensure RTOs and RPOs are reduced and mission-critical applications are always up and running. That’s why businesses setup up backup and disaster recovery solutions. However, backup and disaster recovery solutions tend to be quite expensive; and not all businesses can spare the budget needed for them. In order to facilitate such businesses, StoneFly is has a special offer on its Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance: DR365V™.

Instead of paying large sums of money for the acquisition, businesses can setup the much needed infrastructure and then pay as little as $269 per month for the infrastructure. Isn’t that boo-tiful?

This offer is part of StoneFly’s Financing options. To learn more about the financing options or to calculate your lease options, click here.

What’s the process?

At StoneFly, we believe in simplicity. Interested readers can contact our sales personnel by filling out the form and providing the necessary information to contact them back. Our sales personnel contact potential clients and discuss their data requirements so that StoneFly can offer them purpose-built solutions for their requirements.

Interested in an offer? Looking to learn more about something? Or do you wish to inquire about an offer? Either way, you can contact us by sending us an email at or by giving us a call at (510) 265 1616.

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