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High-Availability SAN Cluster

StoneFly Voyager SAN Cluster appliances are designed to offer the ultimate in high-availability with redundant Storage Concentrators, StoneFly active / active clustering services with seamless failover and failback operations, active/active RAID controllers, hot-swappable components, and redundant high-performance interconnects. Trusted by US Navy in LSC combat ships for a decade.

Fully Modular design with no single point of failure equipped with Two clustered redundant Storage controllers, Each starting with 16 scaling up to 44 Parallel Storage Core Engine. 16G Scaling up to 1.5 TB of Cache in fully active-active failover failback configuration. Plus third modular chassis which can hold 12 to 36 drives with dual redundant power supply, high-speed local cache in active-active failover & failback configuration. 12 Gb/sec with 4 channel data path moving the data at 48Gb/sec. True performer. 

This modular design is extremely resilient and scalable to meet any demanding workload.

Plus – Cloud Connect to Microsoft Public cloud, Stonefly Cloud, or any Private or Public Cloud for Replication and Disaster Recovery.

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High Availability, Scalability and Improved Redundancy guaranteed.

Suited for enterprise environments where high availability and 24x7 operation is needed, the Voyager appliances implement the flexible StoneFusion platform to deliver modular, highly scalable iSCSI and  Fibre Channel SAN configurations where Voyager provides improved redundancy for mission critical deployments.

High-Availability Cluster Storage Appliance 1
High-Availability Cluster Storage Appliance 2

Voyager – True Modular architecture No single point of failure

StoneFly’s most popular cluster appliances have been updated with all new active-active Storage Concentrators and a 64-bit operating system. The Voyager DX and Voyager FC Plus Series SAN appliances were designed to offer improved redundancy, high availability and fast performance – at a lower price point. Utilizing high-performance Storage interconnects and tiered Storage, the Voyager product family is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel SAN for primary and secondary Storage applications. Voyager High-Availability SAN Clusters rely on the flexible StoneFusion platform to deliver modular, scalable SAN configurations ranging from 2TB to over 11.2PB for Storage consolidation with high availability Storage for mission critical deployments. The Voyager FC Plus also supports Fibre Channel switches for nearly unlimited Storage scalability.


High-Availability Cluster Storage Appliance 2

Flash Voyager DX Series – Flash only or Hybrid

Built on the foundation of StoneFly’s popular Voyager DX cluster appliance featuring active-active Storage Concentrators and scalable redundant RAID subsystems, the Flash Voyager DX Series features the ultimate in performance with super high-performance flash-based drives. To minimize the cost outlays of flash Storage, the Flash Voyager DX was designed to support StoneFly’s latest built-in optimized data deduplication technologies for increased Storage efficiency. StoneFly’s data deduplication capability allows users to fit 5x to 35x more data within the same Storage footprint without reducing overall performance. Flash Voyager DX’s scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale up to 200 TeraBytes of all flash-based iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel SAN Storage or over 1 PetaByte of hybrid tiered (SSD and SAS) Storage.

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