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StoneFly SCVM™ Controlling and Managing Data on Microsoft Azure Cloud

SCVM for Azure a software-defined Storage that delivers enterprise-class NAS features with NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and unified file services with Azure-backed storage connectivity

SCVM in Azure 1

StoneFly’s enterprise level Software Defined Solution (SDS) enables enterprises to migrate
workload volumes of Petabyte scale into the Azure Cloud without re-engineering any applications.
The software enables IT environments to deploy Network Attached Storage (NAS) in the
cloud, Storage Area Network (SAN) in the cloud and both NAS and SAN in the cloud.

 why you should setup StoneFly SCVM™ In Azure

SCVM in Azure 2

Enterprise NAS In the Cloud

Create NAS in the cloud and share access with multiple hosts with multiple data services like Online volume migration, Encryption, Snapshots, Unlimited storage volume creations, Active Directory Integration and many more.

SCVM in Azure 3

Enterprise SAN in the Cloud (Cloud Block Storage)

iSER, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel for Cloud Block Storage. Create SAN volumes in the cloud with multiple data services like deduplication, encryption, Snapshot and much more with 10x faster performance.

SCVM in Azure 4

SAN + NAS in the Cloud

Create iSCSI targets on the cloud and assign them to hosts or create NAS in the cloud and share access with multiple hosts. Enjoy all features of the SCVM including volume encryption, snapshot, deduplication, volume replication and many more!

SCVM in Azure 5

Automatic Provisioning of Azure

Provisioning your Azure machines Directly from StoneFly website

SCVM in Azure 6

High Availibility

StoneFly SCVM™ delivers high availability, on Azure for non-stop storage operation, allowing non-disruptive online storage administration for maintenance agility.

SCVM in Azure 7

Data Security

Advanced data protection features to keep your data safe.

SCVM in Azure 2

Simply and Easy to use Powerful

Migrate data to Azure without expensive re-engineering. Get the enterprise NAS services you expect in the cloud with StoneFly SCVM™. Get block storage performance at object storage prices.

SCVM in Azure 3

Active Directory Integration

To authenticate Windows servers and users, ensuring data access is properly restricted to those who are authorized within the Windows domain.

SCVM in Azure 4

Agile Storage Software

On-demand, where and when you
need it – in your existing
on-premises data center or in Azur Clod

SCVM in Azure 2

Storage Tiering

StoneFly SCVM offers integration with Azure Blob Object Storage, facilitates data migration to different storage tiers: Cool blob, Hot Blob and Archive Blob.

SCVM in Azure 3

Enterprise level data services

SCVM also offers enterprise level data services like deduplication, compression, scalability, thin provisioning and erasure coding and more.

SCVM in Azure 4

centralized management console

StoneFly SCVM offers complete Solution to Control and Manage Your Enterprise Data.

Setting up NAS or SAN in the Azure Cloud has never been easier. StoneFly
SCVM™ facilitates simpler and easier deployment in Microsoft Azure cloud.


Brochure: 7 reasons why you should setup StoneFly SCVM™ in Azure Cloud ?


With StoneFly SCVM in Azure you can

SCVM in Azure 14

Optimize Your Business Apps and Data in the Cloud


SCVM in Azure 14

Right control and management of your data in Azure


SCVM in Azure 14

Async or Sync Campus Mirroring


SCVM in Azure 14

Extend Native Storage Abilities of Microsoft Azure


SCVM in Azure 14

Setup Full-featured, enterprise cloud NAS for primary data storage


SCVM in Azure 14

Data Deduplication


Only pay for the storage you use. Since StoneFly’s Cloud Storage plans are all priced month-to-month, there is no annual commitment. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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