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Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinar

[Live Webinar] Air-Gap Backup Repositories for Veeam Availability Suite v10.

Upcoming Webinar

Air-Gap Backup Repositories for Veeam Availability Suite v10

Thu, Jan 27, 2021 | 11 AM PST ( 2 PM EST)

Recorded Webinars

Watch previously recorded StoneFly educational and technical webinars to learn about StoneFly product families and iSCSI technology.

Veeam-Azure-StoneFly a turnkey solution for Enterprise backup and DR

Veeam, Stonefly and Microsoft have partnered up to offer state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster recovery solution for Enterprise backup and DR. This solution provides capacity, file size, bandwidth, IOPS, Shared access, Multi-tenancy, security and active directory integration required. Learn more…

How to setup Backup and Restore in Microsoft Azure

This recorded webinar gives you a very precise and comprehensive look at what you can back-up like files, Applications, Emails, Active directory etc. and how to restore all that. You’ll find a comparison of Object level storage vs. File based storage vs. Block level storage along with information on different type of Blobs in the cloud.

Upcoming Webinars
Upcoming Webinars

Deployment Guide on How to backup Veeam in Azure using Stonefly Scale-out NAS

This video is an extract of a webinar with a step by step guide on how to back-up your Veeam in Microsoft Azure using Stonefly Scale out NAS. If you already have Azure account this will help you setup a one month free trial and play around with it to have a better idea on how it works. Learn more …

Hyper-converged Technology- How it works – How to reduce my datacenter cost by 50%

Learn how to consolidate all of your server, Storage and Networks  into one easy to manage appliance – how you can Replace your datacenter by migrating existing Windows and Linux physical servers into Virtual Machines hosted on the StoneFly USS appliance and how to reduce your datacenter cost by 50 percent.

Upcoming Webinars
Upcoming Webinars

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