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Demonstration of OMS and  Azure Security Center

  • How many of you have a centralized pane of glass that tell you, you have malicious traffic attacks, that you have computers with security updates that are missing?
  • Do you have all of this in a centralized pane of glass? Or do you have different tools that you use to find out what’s what?

Those are the benefits that you have with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS).

Demonstration of OMS and Azure Security

Generally, most environments have separate disparate systems that don’t have log analytics across the board. OMS gives you that capability to centralize a lot of those things that you are having multiple people look at, multiple very smart people look at, from different sources of technology. It is actually combining that for you so that you have a single common pane of glass. Integrate that with Azure Security Center and you have the ability to turn on security monitoring for every single one of your virtual machines, your storage accounts, your databases, whatever you have. In this demo we show you how that’s done.