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Protecting AWS Workloads with Veeam backup & replication to StoneFly Cloud


Veeam backup & replication to StoneFly Cloud provides a backup and disaster recovery for your Amazon EC2 instances. It is gives you the ability to automatically backup and recover data quickly and as often as needed than on-premise backup solutions.
Like any other public cloud, Amazon AWS has a shared responsibility model. That shared responsibility model combines both AWS and users, and while AWS secures everything for you around the cloud by giving you the most compliant solution out there, the user must take control of their security of their own data. There are different segments that you are taking control over and adding the user in is where the problems begin. Adding users is what creates problems to that security and users have to find a solution to put in place both for the data and other elements of that environment.
Protecting AWS Workloads with Veeam backup & replication to StoneFly Cloud

Standout features of Veeam Backup & Replication to StoneFly Cloud

Veeam backup and replication to StoneFly Cloud gives you an enterprise-class data protection for AWS data with restore for all data and services in under 15 minutes. That is crucial if you are in a position where you have a data issue or you need to recover from an issue. It gives you redundancy by storing multiple copies of your data within the StoneFly private datacenter.

Veeam backup & replication server sits on-premise and gives you complete control of your data in StoneFly’s Private Cloud. Through the Availability portal, you are able to access your backup and recovery console and initiate a Failback or Failover in case of a disaster from anywhere. You have complete control over what happens.

The solution leverages the native snapshot capabilities adding the reporting and the auditing on that, giving you the control and crucially linking into the shared responsibility model.

Integration with Smart Cloud Gateway

In the past, customers were able to perform backups and restores very rapidly in Amazon EBS and EC2 to do the backup, which is not cost effective for long-term archive. Now, with the Smart Cloud Gateway feature, customers also have the ability to archive the backups into the StoneFly Private Cloud, which drastically reduces your storage costs.

The EBS snapshots give you the quick recovery if something terrible happens. But, if you want to retain your data for a long period of time, the long-term archival is very important.

Protecting AWS Workloads with Veeam backup & replication to StoneFly Cloud

One of the great things with the integrations with Veeam backup and replication to StoneFly Cloud and the Smart Cloud Gateway is being able to take the backups that are running the EC2 instance and store them offsite in the StoneFly Private Cloud.

You are able to bring the backups back on in premises using the external repository feature within Veeam backup and replication and restore them to vSphere, Hyper-V, or Nutanix. These key capabilities help with the whole data management solution for the enterprise, small and medium-sized business.

Now for a limited time StoneFly gives you the opportunity to archive your on-premise workloads for as little as $10/TB per month. Ready to get started? Contact us now!  

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