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StoneFly Migrate Overview

StoneFly NAS Migrate is an easy-to-use enterprise NAS migration software that supports CIFS and NFS migration over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).

The software includes advanced data services that simplify the user experience, enhance data transfer speeds, and make data migration hassle-free. A brief list of included features is as follows:

  • Scheduler: Schedule migration workflows on specific hours of the day and days of the week. The software will automatically migrate the data from source to destination as long as the Virtual Machine (VM) is turned on.
  • Real-time Replication: Configure real-time replication jobs to sync the source and destination. This ensures that the destination always has the updated copy via change-based or delta-based transfer. If a file is deleted from the source, it’s also deleted from the destination. Alternatively, if a file is created at the source, it’s replicated to the destination.
  • AI-Based File Analysis: The software leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict and prepare for future file sizes thereby speeding up the process and simplifying the user experience.

Note: StoneFly NAS Migrate is a Virtual Machine (VM) that is installed on VMware vcenter.