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Storage Concentrator


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    • Days1 $
    • TB1 $
    • 1 $Days
    • Hosts1 $
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days
    • 1 $Days

    You have enabled clustering. The above configuration is applicable to two storage concentrators

    Evaluation Features

    In Evaluation  you will get above selected feature for 45 days

    Full Features

    In Full package you will get all above  features for 2 years


The StoneFly SCVM™ (Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine) Software-Defined Unified Storage™ (SDUS) is a Virtual IP Storage Software that creates a Virtual Network Storage Appliance using the existing resources of your virtual server. That can be a VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud or Microsoft Hyper-V host virtual server. SCVM™ provisions an advanced, fully featured SAN (iSCSI or Fiber Channel) and NAS storage to your virtual machines to form a Virtual Storage Appliance. The SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance provides storage and server consolidation with data protection and disaster recovery features including: Campus mirroring, Snapshot, Encryption, Sync or Async Replication, Dual node failover support, Thin Provisioning and much more.


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