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Overcoming Traditional Backup Limitations

Data is continuously evolving and growing. There’s data in more places now: cloud, social media, IoT, analytics etc. Virtualization is becoming an essential practice for the enterprise. This means that a backup solution, that prevents data loss from this massive pool of data, is now necessary.

Traditional backup architecture is not capable enough to address the ever growing requirements of enterprise data. However, StoneFly’s innovative solutions can effectively address these requirements.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Traditional Backup Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Innovations in Traditional Backup Infrastructure.
  • StoneFly Backup Infrastructure & Appliances.
  • Cloud backup Connect for Off-site Backup.
  • StoneFly’s Compliance & Industry Certifications.
  • StoneFly’s Industry Certifications.
  • StoneFly’s Technology Partners.
  • StoneFly’s Backup Appliances.

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