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StoneFly DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance Up to 144TB For $4,997

$4,997 per Node

StoneFly DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance with Blockchain Technology $4,997 Feb offer 1
StoneFly DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance with Blockchain Technology $4,997 Feb offer 2
StoneFly DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance with Blockchain Technology $4,997 Feb offer 3

First Backup Appliance With BlockChain Backup Technology


You may have heard of blockchain in the context of the digital currency. Despite the bitcoin hype, it is far from the only useful application of blockchain technology. But, to understand the other applications, you must understand blockchain. Simply put, it is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list, or chain, of data transaction records. Every portion of this decentralized system has a copy of the chain of records; no “official” copy exists. In this way, the information is secure from tampering and revision.

When you back up your data to local drives or the cloud, you correctly expect DR365 to faithfully back up those files. DR365 Blockchain backup technology can add a level of confidence to the authenticity of your business data. In the future, you may want to simply reassure yourself the file is unchanged.  Or, you may have, or someone may present you with, a file and you need to validate if it is authentic and unchanged from the backup. Common use cases include

  • property and personal copies of records
  • chain-of-evidence for court requested documents
  • and long-term archives that could be subject to various legal or tax audits.

Includes all StoneFly Enterprise Data Service Licenses Enabled:

  • Scale Out NAS (CIFS/SMB/NFS)
  • iSCSI (IP SAN)
  • FC SAN Target
  • Delta-Based Snapshots
  • Volume Encryption
  • Deduplication
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Synchronous Replication
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • FlashCache / Tiering
  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Cloud Connect to Azure / AWS

Limited Time Offer

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  • 12-Bay 2U Rackmount StoneFly Base Appliance
  • Dual 8-Core Xeon Processors
  • 32GB System Memory
  • Dual 10Gb RJ-45 Ethernet
  • Supports up to 144TB Raw
  • StoneFly StoneFusion OS with All Features Enabled on NVMe Flash
  • Redundant 80-PLUS® Platinum 920W Power Supply

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Available Models in this Promotion:

$4,997 = Configuration # 1 - Single 8-Core Xeons / 32GB System Memory
$6,477 = Configuration # 2 - Single 8-Core Xeons / 32GB System Memory / Hardware RAID & BBU
$7,247 = Configuration # 3 - Single 8-Core Xeons / 64GB System Memory / Hardware RAID & BBU (Recommended)
* Provide your own Hypervisor license or purchase VMware vSphere or Hyper-V licensing from StoneFly

Install Your Own Drives or Purchase Optional StoneFly Enterprise Drive Packs

(A total of 12 drives can be used per appliance node)
2TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $250
4TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $315
6TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $340
8TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $510
10TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $560
12TB 7200RPM 12Gb SAS = $730
400GB 12Gb SAS SSD = $690
800GB 12Gb SAS SSD = $1,065
960GB 12Gb SAS SSD = $1,525
1.6TB 12Gb SAS SSD = $2,135

Network Connectivity

2 x 10Gb RJ-45 = Included
2 x 10Gb SFP+ = $350

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32 TB iSCSI SAN Storage Appliance For $3,724

High Performance & Powerful iSCSI Storage SAN (or optional Fibre Channel) Solutions from the original pioneer of the iSCSI protocol.

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