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StoneFly Scale Out NAS Appliance With 36TB

Half-Populated 12-Bay Unit Supports up to 144 TB

$6,997 Per Node

Scale Out NAS With 36TB - Supports Upto 144TB For $6,997 1
Scale Out NAS With 36TB - Supports Upto 144TB For $6,997 2

Includes all StoneFly Enterprise Data Service Licenses:

  • Scale Out NAS (CIFS/SMB/NFS)
  • iSCSI (IP SAN)
  • FC SAN Target
  • Delta-Based Snapshots
  • Volume Encryption
  • Deduplication
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Synchronous Replication
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • FlashCache / Tiering
  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Cloud Connect to Azure / AWS

Limited Time Offer 

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  • 12-Bay 2U Rackmount StoneFly Base Appliance
  • Dual Socket with Single 8-Core Xeon Processor
  • 16GB System Memory
  • Dual 10Gb RJ-45 Ethernet
  • Supports up to 144TB Raw
  • 12Gb SAS HBA for StoneFly Scale Out NAS with Erasure Coding
  • StoneFly StoneFusion OS with All Features Enabled on NVMe Flash
  • Redundant 80-PLUS® Platinum 920W Power Supply

Optional upgrades which are not included but can be added on demand:

Scale Out NAS With 36TB - Supports Upto 144TB For $6,997 3

Hardware RAID Controller with Cache Battery Backup

Erasure coding is great is included, but if you prefer to offload the Storage I/Os to get better IOPs for the high performance necessary for databases and Veeam synthetic backups then you can choose to upgrade to a hardware RAID controller.

Scale Out NAS With 36TB - Supports Upto 144TB For $6,997 4


If you like to use this appliance for Disaster Recovery (DR), Failover, and Spinning up your VMs, then choose to BYOL (Bring Your Own License) or purchase your favorite hypervisor such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.  Requires hardware RAID controller upgrade.

32 TB iSCSI SAN Storage Appliance For $3,724

High Performance & Powerful iSCSI Storage SAN (or optional Fibre Channel) Solutions from the original pioneer of the iSCSI protocol.

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