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StoneFly Storage Appliance

 Limited Time Offer While Supply Lasts

(num) SSD (x)GB Enterprise SAS Drives(xTB)

(x) HDD (x)TB Enterprise SAS(12G) Drives (xTB)

Price $XX,XX

Optional Cloud Backup $30/TB in Azure ($120/TB value)

Plus Enterprise Data Services

Snapshot, Encryption, Dedup*, Thin provisioning, Sync & Async Replication, FlashCache, Tiering, Cloud Connect (Azure, AWS) and much more..

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StoneFLy (Appliance) Features 



Quickly spin up new VirtualNetwork encryption using TLS/SSL for authentication and authorization.



Use the StoneFly USS appliance for iSCSI, Scale out NAS, Fibre or Just buy HyperConverged

NO Metadata

No Metadata director, No centralize databse.


Distributed File System

A file system in which data is spread over different nodes where users can access the file without knowing the actual location of the file. User doesn’t experience the feel of remote access.

Stackable design

Allows for agile development and deployment for a new feature for customers to enjoy.

Standard file format

XFS alongside Stonefly’s Scale out NAS operating system ensures full compatibility and guarantees customers access to the files with standard OS. NO Vendor dependency.


Able to deliver when properly configured Can exceed aggregate read and write speed in most use cases with files sizes at full network bandwidth of up to  3GB/Sec per Node and aggregate as more node added.

Cloud Cache

Build in Flash Cache feature allows some volumes be used as a front-end cache for Public cloud storage such Microsoft Azure Blobs or S3 and Glacier from Amazon.



It provides back-ups of data for disaster recovery. Here comes the concept of master and slave volumes. So that if the master is down the whole of the data can be accessed via slave. This feature is used to sync data between geographically separated servers. Geo-replication can be done from or to On-perm to Public (Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS)  Private Cloud and  Cloud to cloud private or public.


Provides flexibility in data backup – The Snapshot is block bases which create a point in time backup delta from the only blocks that have changed from the last snapshot. Snapshot is read-only files that help in recovery and protection against ransomware.


Segments are partitions that files are placed for sharing between trusted storage pools.

More Advanced Features

Automated Infrastructure

32 TB iSCSI SAN Storage Appliance For $3,724

High Performance & Powerful iSCSI Storage SAN (or optional Fibre Channel) Solutions from the original pioneer of the iSCSI protocol.

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