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SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 2

Introducing StoneFly SCVM™ – Enterprise Software Defined Storage (SDS)

StoneFly SCVM™ facilitates data storage management and data storage consolidation. The enterprise-grade software defined storage solution offers a number of automated data services that facilitate enterprise IT environments to digitally transform legacy infrastructure and integrate cloud technology.

By integrating StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage IT driven businesses can effortlessly enhance IT agility to support core business operations and reduce cost implications of data storage by 60%.

Simplify your Enterprise Storage Experience with our Software Defined Storage Solution

StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage addresses a number of data storage challenges that IT managers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Managers face. Instead of using a plethora of tools, IT environments can use SCVM™ virtual storage appliance to reduce costs and improve data management of enterprise workloads.

SCVM™ virtual storage appliance can consolidate data centers, revitalize legacy infrastructure, setup a feature-rich hybrid solution, setup virtual NAS or virtual SAN storage and backup SAN and NAS workloads in public clouds or to StoneFly’s private cloud and more. Watch this video to learn more.

What Can You do with Our Software-Defined Data Storage Solution?

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 3

Software Defined Object Storage – Azure, Amazon S3 Public Clouds & StoneFly Private

Integrate object-level storage volumes by configuring StoneFly SCVM as a storage gateway to public clouds, like Microsoft Azure or AWS, or to StoneFly’s private cloud. Setup data redundancy, enhance data mobility and improve data accessibility with secure and high speed data transfers using StoneFly software-defined storage gateway.
SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 4

Configure High Performance Software Defined SAN – Block-level Storage

Support demanding development and test environments by setting up high performance iSCSI SAN storage repositories on bare-metal or in the cloud. Users can integrate enterprise data services, like data deduplication and thin provisioning, with dedicated iSCSI storage volumes to facilitate optimized storage usage and deliver enhanced utilization rates for MySQL, NoSQL, PostGreSQL and other databases.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 5

Configure High Speed Network
Attached Storage (NAS) Volumes – File-level Storage

Create NAS volumes and dedicate storage quotas for different users and departments with StoneFly SCVM SDS storage. Users can setup high speed, secure and feature-rich file-level storage on bare-metal servers or in the cloud and use it to support CIFS/SMB or NFS storage protocols.

You can use StoneFly’s SCVM™ – Virtual Storage Appliance for:

Primary SAN (iSCSI)Storage
  • Configure SAN (iSCSI) storage targets – on-premises, offsite / remote, and in the cloud (public and / or private)
  • Setup complete cloud-based block-level (iSCSI) storage – let service providers manage the infrastructure.
  • Support StoneFly’s storage infrastructure and mainstream storage systems like Dell EMC, HPE, etc.
  • Single, easy-to-use, and centralized management console to manage SAN storage resources.
  • Enable high performance data services like erasure coding, data deduplication, thin provisioning, etc.
Secondary SAN (iSCSI)Storage
  • Enable data redundancy with snapshots and synchronous and asynchronous replication to on-premises, offsite / remote, and in the cloud (public and / or private).
  • Secure mission-critical databases with data encryption, and redundant copies of data.
  • Integrate data services like automated storage tiering for easier and error-free data transfers.
  • Enable high performance data services like erasure coding, data deduplication, thin provisioning, etc.
  • Manage all SAN storage resources with a single, easy-to-use, customizable and centralized management interface.
Remote Mirroring / Replication
  • Setup mirroring between two storage infrastructures and ensure high availability for mission-critical workloads.
  • Replicate synchronously or asynchronously to on-premises and/or offsite storage infrastructure.
  • Replicate NAS and SAN volumes and Virtual Machines (VMs) to on-site or offsite storage infrastructure or to a virtual NAS / virtual SAN storage in the cloud of your choice. 
  • Configure synchronous or asynchronous replication from on-premises / offsite storage infrastructure to StoneFly private cloud.
  • Replicate in real-time with synchronous replication for high availability or schedule replication jobs with asynchronous replication to optimize bandwidth consumption.
Cloud Storage for Backup Applications in Azure, AWS, or to StoneFly Private Cloud
  • Create backup copies in public clouds like Azure, or AWS cloud.
  • Create backup copies or replicate in StoneFly private cloud.
  • Optimize data transfer between on-premises appliance and cloud with data services like data deduplication, compression, snapshot, replication (synchronous and asynchronous), and more.
  • Secure data at rest and during transfer with advanced encryption technology.
  • Automate data migration with services like automated storage tiering.
  • Comply with compliance regulations like FedRAMP, CJIS, FISMA, etc. by setting up storage and backup in Azure Government cloud.
Backend Storage for Surveillance Video Storage Appliance
  • Migrate large volumes of media data to offsite / remote, or cloud-based storage tiers with ease.
  • Configure offsite storage systems as backend storage for primary surveillance video storage system.
  • Integrate cloud archiving tiers with primary surveillance video storage system.
  • Enable data services that optimize data storage, reduce cost of data storage and retention and enhance storage utilization.
  • Reduce storage infrastructure footprint by moving the bulk of video data to the cloud.
  • Setup backend storage or archiving in public clouds like Azure, AWS cloud, etc.
  • Setup backend storage or archiving in StoneFly’s private cloud.
Backend Storage for an Archive Appliance
  • Setup data redundancy with data services like replication and snapshots.
  • Comply with industry regulations like HIPAA/HITRUST, FedRAMP, etc.
  • Configure backend storage for archive data in on-premise / in-house infrastructure, on offsite / remote storage media or in public or private clouds.
  • Leverage cloud archiving tiers and reduce cost of data storage and retention.
  • Use data services like automated storage tiering to automate the process, increase efficiency and remove human error from the process.
Backend Storage for a Cloud Appliance
  • Synchronously or asynchronously replicate data stored in the cloud to on-premises / in-house storage infrastructure, to offsite storage media or to the same or different cloud-based storage (multi-cloud).
  • Secure data transfers with advanced encryption technology.
  • Move data volumes without having to worry about file-size and bandwidth limitations.
  • Ensure high availability and business continuity with additional copies of data.
  • Setup the 3-2-1 data protection rule with ease by integrating different storage media and creating copies of data.
Storage Gateway for Veeam in Azure
  • Configure an easy-to-use and enterprise-grade storage gateway between Veeam backup and replication and Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Secure data at rest and during transit with advanced encryption technology.
  • Optimize data storage usage and bandwidth consumption with data deduplication.
  • Move data from on-premises to cloud and back without having to worry about file-size and bandwidth limitations.
  • Comply with industry regulations like FedRAMP, CJIS, FISMA, HIPAA/HITRUST, etc. by setting up Veeam backups in Azure Government Cloud.

Why setup StoneFly SCVM™ for your data storage needs?

Cost Reduction by 60%

StoneFly SCVM™ is an affordable Software-defined storage solution delivering enterprise-level features and data services. With StoneFly’s innovative technology, businesses can optimize their processes and reduce the overall costs of data storage by 60%.

Simplified Data Management

With a single management console, StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage enables simplified management of on-premises and cloud based storage resources. SCVM™ delivers advanced reporting and a customizable dashboard that enhance user experience and increase the overall productivity of the business.

Feature-rich Hybrid Solution

SCVM™ SDS storage can be setup on on-premises appliances to integrate cloud technology with legacy infrastructure or to manage NAS, SAN, or virtual storage resources. SCVM™ virtual storage appliance can also be configured as a cloud storage gateway to public clouds or to StoneFly’s private cloud; making it a complete hybrid SDS storage solution.

Setup Veeam Backups in Microsoft Azure with StoneFly SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance

With Veeam’s enterprise-level software, businesses can protect their workload volumes effectively. To setup Veeam backups in Microsoft Azure cloud, enterprises need a gateway appliance that enables Veeam to access the cloud storage. Veeam does not directly work with Microsoft Azure cloud without a cloud storage gateway. StoneFly SCVM™ virtual storage appliance can be configured as a backup storage gateway that enables IT environments to configure Veeam backups with Azure. The setup process is very simple and quick. StoneFly facilitates clients with existing Veeam licenses and Azure accounts and clients without a license or an account.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 6

Create Fast & Flexible Storage Clusters Effortlessly with StoneFly SCVM

StoneFly software defined storage solution enables enterprise IT environments to seamlessly configure and deploy storage clusters for mission-critical NAS and SAN appliances. High availability is important for your business and our virtual storage appliance can help you configure it quickly and easily. 

 Ensure business continuity and prevent downtime with StoneFly SCVM SDS storage solution. 

StoneFly Software-Defined Hyperconverged Data Storage Solution

StoneFly SCVM is a full-featured hyperconverged solution that enables users to configure Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), and NAS + SAN storage on-premises, remote, and in the cloud.

The software-defined storage solution makes it simple to manage all storage resources with a single management interface.

StoneFly SCVM virtual storage appliance supports industry standard protocols (CIFS/SMB/NFS), mainstream hypervisors such as Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix (formerly XenServer) and makes data storage hassle-free for IT administrators and corporate users.

Our SDS storage solution makes it very easy to dedicate storage quotas, configure NAS, SAN and/or NAS + SAN unified volumes and enable enterprise data storage services.


SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 7

StoneFly SCVM™ – Enterprise-Grade Virtual Storage Appliance Features

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 8

Hardware Agnostic

StoneFly SCVM™ is compatible with a number of servers and hardware – making it a truly flexible and hardware independent software defined storage solution.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 9

Data Deduplication

With data deduplication, SCVM™ SDS storage users can leverage their existing storage resources to their fullest potential by removing copies of data and reducing the overall foorprint of storage infrastructure.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 10

Data Encryption - before, during & after transit

StoneFly SCVM™ virtual storage appliance enables users to protect enterprise-grade mission critical workloads with AES 256-bit encryption at rest and SSL/TLS tunneling for data during transit.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 11

Automated Data Tiering

SCVM™ SDS storage enables users to setup policies for automated data tiering. Automation ensures error free processing and delivers optimized utilization rates and reduced costs.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 12

Thin Provisioning

Thin Provision applications and processes with SCVM™  virtual storage appliance to effectively use existing resources and reduce initial costs of enterprise data storage.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 13

Snapshot Technology

Create snapshots of mission-critical workload volumes with StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage and ensure fast and reliable recoverability and reduced downtime.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 14

Centralized Data Storage

Share files from anywhere, at anytime with StoneFly SCVM™ software defined storage. SCVM™ enables users to easily organize and move files between servers and configured NAS volumes; both on-premises and in the cloud.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 15

Data Redundancy & High Availability

SCVM™ SDS storage offers optional Erasure Coding within and across nodes for increased high availability and data redundancy.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 16

Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication

Replicate data between remote facilities and private or public clouds with StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage. Setup instant disaster recovery for mission-critical workload volumes with reduced RTPOs.

Cloud Storage Gateway to Public Clouds or to StoneFly’s Private Cloud

StoneFly SCVM™ SDS storage can be configured as a storage gateway appliance to public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google etc. and to StoneFly’s Private Cloud. With StoneFly’s partnership with Microsoft Azure, our customers can choose to setup their storage in Azure data centers around the globe. SCVM™ SDS storage provides a single centralized management console that enables IT driven businesses to easily manage their storage resources; whether on-premises or in the cloud. SCVM™ virtual storage appliance enables IT environments to easily integrate cloud technology with legacy infrastructure.

What makes StoneFly SCVM Software-Defined Data Storage Solution Different?

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 17

Flexible & Universal Software-Defined Data Storage

The combination of enterprise-grade tools and data services make StoneFly SCVM capable of facilitating numerous use-cases and scenarios. Users can configure file storage, development and test environments, archive storage and backup storage repositories with a single interface.

Users can configure on-premises/in-house data storage, remote storage repositories, and data storage tiers in public clouds (like Azure, AWS, etc.) and in StoneFly’s private cloud as well.

This flexibility to support different types of data types (file-level, block-level, and object-level) on different kinds of storage media enables users to StoneFly SCVM SDS storage for a wide range of use-cases and applications.

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 18

Proven & Battle-tested Software-Defined Data Storage

With over 2000+ enterprise customers around the globe, StoneFly has a proven record of delivering enterprise-grade solutions. StoneFly SCVM is a battle-tested and patented software-defined storage solution with over 1 million lines of code.

StoneFly’s customer-centric approach to innovation and developed has driven the development of our storage solutions. StoneFly SCVM has evolved over time with every new enterprise customer to better suit the requirements of the industry and the user

SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance 19

Scale Your Data Storage with a Few Clicks

Control your data storage with ease. Users can choose to scale up or scale out their NAS, SAN, and hyperconverged storage volumes.

Scale Up
Add storage capacity on the backend in a completely disruption free process. The end user will notice after the additional storage space is configured.

Scale Out
Increase storage capacity and performance with the addition of nodes. Add not just additional storage capacity but also compute capacity and support high IOPS, high performance workload volumes.

Deploy a Complete Business Model in the Cloud

StoneFly SCVM™ software defined storage is a feature-rich All-in-One solution that enables IT driven businesses to deploy their business model in the cloud. With enterprise-grade cloud connect services SCVM™ virtual storage appliance delivers a single tool that replaces the plethora of tools conventionally used to manage, access, and control enterprise storage resources; both on-premises and in the cloud.

Which Industry Has Already Made Data Storage Hassle-Free with StoneFly SCVM Software Defined Storage Solution?


Why choose StoneFly?

Established in 2000, StoneFly has been delivering enterprise-grade storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions. StoneFly shipped its first iSCSI storage appliance in 2002 and subsequently made iSCSI into the established storagestandard used by IT professionals around the globe. StoneFly’s innovative products and services support businesses worldwide. StoneFly’s battle tested cloud storage has been deployed in all the Microsoft commercial and Government data centers worldwide. StoneFly’s customers include Corporate and Government clients.

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