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Containerized Appliance (CA) with container-native Storage


Deployment of applications and Storage has converged in a way Storage is served from containers. This  eliminates the need to have an independent Storage cluster, enabling customers to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and integrated Storage for production-ready container environments.

An Enterprise grade integrated Scale Out persistent Storage to power the application containers.

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Applications and Storage have been managed through different processes and by separate teams. However, this approach can be inefficient and hard to operate and maintain. To address that challenge, we are enabling developers to control both storage and application containers using a single control plane with Kubernetes plus OpenShift Container Platform. This fosters greater DevOps integration and automation, from development environments to on-premise and cloud production environments.

Development Cycles and easier application management “Dev”  wants speed, choice and flexibility.

Containerized  Appliance (CA) 1
Containerized  Appliance (CA) 2

While “Ops”  need stability and control how do you make everyone happy

Ease of use, control and stability provides a strong working environment to deploy containers.

 Containers are the next step in the evolution of the data center
offering greater integration between developers and operations and greater
Containerized  Appliance (CA) 3
Containerized  Appliance (CA) 4
Portability of code across development test and production environments, when compared to virtualization container technology, is a way of packaging and application and all of its runtime dependencies to offer faster shortening test cycles and improving application management.
In addition containers allow applications to be more nimble delivered as groups of microservices rather than one big piece of code. Containers, however, are ephemeral.
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Containerized  Appliance (CA) 6
By nature, that is if a container is deleted or gets corrupted the data of
its resident applications on disk is lost forever. For this reason a
persistent Storage layer is needed that can retain the state of the applications inside a container and can provide enterprise-grade Storage features required by critical applications.
Stonefly HyperConverged for container can deliver a highly available, high-performance Storage option for containerized applications and is fully integrated with the orchestration container platform.
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Containerized  Appliance (CA) 8
Allowing developers to request Storage with certain characteristics and have it automatically managed by the orchestration framework rather than worry about the details of how the Storage is managed and distributed across the cluster. In other words containerized Storage that can lower costs, ease administration and provide more granular
control through hyperconvergence by locating Storage alongside applications in the same container. In addition, provisioning is made simple through the use of orchestration which provides automated configuration and your choice of persistent Storage through a number of volume plugins that have been developed for various Storage protocols appliance providers.
A seamless one-stop solution to simplify the adoption and management of containerized applications with the added benefit of a single point of support, lower costs and simplify storage administration for containerized applications.

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