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Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with StoneFly and Veeam


AUGUST, 2017

Veeam has been providing backup solutions to satisfactory customers before any other embarked on this journey. With a Net Promoter Score of +74, which is three times the average score of the backup industry, the partnership has taken upon itself to provide only the best storage to its customers around the globe.

Veeam: Components and Depth of Recovery

StoneFly partnered with Veeam, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure provides the state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery solution.

Veeam specializes in backup and replication solutions for on-premise based VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. These solutions are now extended to the public cloud. With the help of scale-out backup from StoneFly, Veeam is now extending to public cloud to provide the best backup and disaster recovery solutions.

StoneFly and Veeam backup components provide a much clearer picture as to how it not only secures data, but also enhances the performance through WAN acceleration.

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with StoneFly and Veeam

The backup components include a data store in a hypervisor environment which can be VMware or Hyper-v. The proxy used is Veeam’s data mover which is responsible for the intricate work done. The backup server is tasked with coordination and managing the environment. The data is written on a local repository and alongside these components, WAN acceleration is also used to provide replication services.

What sets Veeam apart is the fact that it uses WAN acceleration to ensure that the backup copies and replicas reach the customer at the fastest possible speed. A backup from storage snapshots is also provided with the help of integration with the storage partners who help in creating a storage snapshot. This not only helps in minimizing the time of VM snapshots to seconds, but also improves the consolidation, efficiency and effectiveness of work.

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with StoneFly and Veeam

Veeam uses a patented technology known as V-power where the VM is directly run from the backup repository. As the VMs are registered with Vcenter, there is never discontinuity in work as the employees are working again in a matter of minutes. Veeam also negates the hassle of restoring a virtual machine as the data is readily migrated to the production storage.

StoneFly Cloud Connect for Backup and Replication

Veeam provides extensive capabilities of the cloud with a direct restore to Microsoft Azure. There is also usage of Veeam cloud connect which is used to send backup to the cloud. The most meaningful purpose however lies in the partnership with StoneFly where Veeam cloud connect is done for the enterprise. The lack of access to the hypervisor in the public cloud devised the need for workloads to be backed up in the cloud using agents which back up data in cloud repositories or send data back on premise. Veeam is now helping customers extend their on-premise backup to the cloud with the Cloud Connect Backup and Replication which has been provided with the partnership of StoneFly. Customers have all decisions in their hands to backup to a cloud of their choosing including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS cloud or any private cloud. Our customers now have an easy and affordable way to connect their existing backup to any private and public cloud anywhere.

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with StoneFly and Veeam

The integration with StoneFly ensures that the best combinations of backup capabilities for data protection are used which are solely under the control of the customer. Flexibility is in the hands of the customers who can get a copy of the data outside the customers own cloud, another cloud or on premise at the lowest possible cost. Segments backed up over an SSL tunnel over WAN going through a cloud gateway are moving towards StoneFly backups which are secure and supported by WAN acceleration.

The integration has helped the Economy of Scale to increase up to the Petabyte level and expenses have also decreased as it is not necessary to build expensive virtual machines now. The integration with StoneFly also overcomes the limitations of Azure file size which can be found here.

Veeam Backup for Office 365

Office 365 only provides 90 day retention of items in the deleted folder, while Azure archiving is for up to 99 years. Not only is Veeam the oldest to be doing this work, its depth reaches even the smallest of items such as mails, mailboxes, folders, journal entries and so much so as individual calendars. The granularity sets Veeam apart as choosing subsets of say development team; is also an easy task.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is economical as the customer only pays for active mailboxes. Legacy data is kept in compliant searchable format archive, but there is no continued cost of maintaining the archive.

Greater granularity is provided by backing up mails in an individual mailbox level or if your environment is large, you can create archived jobs on an entire organization level.

The customer is also at ease even if running in a hybrid environment with Exchange on-Premises as well as Exchange in the cloud. As the customer has the ability to restore to either location using the Office 365 Veeam backup to migrate from environment to environment.

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