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Erasure Coding: Innovative Method of Robust Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

MARCH, 2018
Old school backup tools are failing to prevent major outages and data loss as they place high demands on the data administrators which in turn are not able to cope with ever increasing data. As the traditional tools become obsolete, IT needs an advanced and versatile solution that delivers high availability, simple replication and restoration and high visibility into diversified virtual environments.
Technology is the ultimate answer to risk mitigation in every industry. Big organizations are rapidly adopting new applications and processing more data to enhance performance. This ever-increasing data throughput in High-stake environments demands total reliability of IT services. There is no tolerance for downtime in any industry, as a single environmental mishap can cripple the entire organization. CIO’s are looking to move beyond the legacy backup tools and deploy agile solutions that deliver unprecedented availability of data and applications while easing the strains on the IT; solutions lie in cloud backup solutions using methods like Erasure Coding.

Greater Business Continuity: Do not tolerate any Downtime

Companies have increased their reliance on complex, data-intensive applications to support business and mission critical operations. The growing use of big data, machine data and analytics applications have caused a data explosion. Companies are relying on server virtualization, modern storage applications and cloud-based services to support critical data and applications. To accomplish this, IT is modernizing data centers as well as expanding data storage and leveraging cloud repositories.

Erasure Coding: Innovative Method of Robust Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Zero tolerance for downtime is understandable given the consequences of accidents and outages. Downtime avoidance is gaining highest priority for any organization in any industry. Mishaps in production or storage options are potentially ruinous. No company can bear a downtime in its operations because of the amount of loss that the company will face because of it. Power outages result in enormous losses for any organization.

  • Loss in Employee Productivity: Downtime results in loss of business continuity as the employees do not have work to do. There is massive loss in productivity which takes huge amounts of time to be recovered.
  • Loss of Revenue: Any company would lose a great amount of revenue due to downtime. Company starts to face losses as time progresses; for instance, if the website is down, sales cannot be made resulting in massive losses.
  • Loss of Consumer Loyalty and Reputation: Making reputation is one of the hardest tasks for any company. Downtime results in lack of access to the services of the company resulting in loss of business with customers. Without cloud backup, it will take too long to get the work environment up and running again, resulting in loss of valuable & loyal customers.

Benefits of Erasure Coding

The benefits of erasure coding are not just levied in the codes themselves. They are helping the world develop greater insight into technologically advanced methods of data protection and disaster recovery. Erasure coding creates mathematical function to describe a set of numbers so they can be checked for accuracy and recovered if one is lost. Referred to as polynomial interpolation or oversampling, this is the key concept behind erasure codes. In mathematical terms, the protection offered by erasure coding can be represented in simple form.

Erasure Coding: Innovative Method of Robust Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
StoneFly appliances use erasure-coding technology to avoid data loss and bring ‘always on availability’ to organizations. Disaster recovery in the cloud from erasure coding is done using redundant pieces of information which help in reconstruction of data. Apart from just being a method of data protection, erasure coding takes into account useful information from the cloud to reconstitute the data to ensure business continuity. Erasure coding brings numerous benefits to its users.

  • Storage Space: Increase in the storage space resulting in space saving because of half times the original data required; with the same level of redundancy 3 copies provided. Up to 50% more space is saved using erasure coding.
  • Greater Reliability: Data pieces are fragmented into independent fault dummies. This ensures there are no dependent or correlated failures.
  • Suitability: Erasure coding can be used for any file size. Ranging from small block sizes of KiloBytes to large block sizes going up to PetaBytes.
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