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Elastic Storage for Physical, Virtual and container environments
Your business adapts to demand, your storage should too. Explosive growth and unstructured data, anywhere anytime access across on-premise, virtualized container and cloud environments.
Traditional monolithic storage isn’t designed to handle today’s data challenges. To overcome these challenges requires a solution that provides unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, scalability and advanced data protection. All without breaking the bank.

StoneFly Scale out storage is open software-defined file storage that adapts to your business and evolves with a scale needed by your applications and users. StoneFly Scale out storage enables you to easily and securely manage large volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data at a significantly lower cost than traditional storage.

Elastic Storage for Physical, Virtual and container environments

It’s been deployed at some of the most demanding customer workloads. StoneFly™ lets you deploy the same storage across a number of deployment platforms including on-premise and virtualized environments, containers and private cloud , public cloud or hybrid clouds.

With StoneFly Scale out storage you can repurpose existing industry standard servers as storage servers. It’s accessible, modular and always on and can seamlessly scale to petabytes and beyond. We continue to drive the future of storage by containerizing StoneFly Scale out storage and closely integrating with the StoneFly™ container stack to enable a seamless experience for developers looking to provision and manage storage with the StoneFly™ container platform.

Elastic Storage for Physical, Virtual and container environments

In addition to offering greater flexibility and control it addresses your security and data integrity concerns. With integrated NFSv4 support, Erasure coding, Tiering, Bit rot detection and faster self-healing. StoneFly Scale out storage is a tested scale-out software-defined storage solution for enterprises looking to reduce costs, ensure data integrity and simplify storage administration.

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