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Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective Storage for Body Worn and Dashboard Camera Video data For Law Enforcement Agencies

With the inclusion of Body Worn and Dashboard Cameras, law enforcement agencies are delivering advanced security measures. Each camera generates hours of video data, resulting in TBs of data on a daily basis per camera. This implies that a single unit ends up generating PBs of data.

Such large chunks of video data, that is constantly growing, impose unique storage challenges. Legacy infrastructure simply cannot cope with these challenges.

This whitepaper presents StoneFly’s innovative solutions: SCVM™ and CDR365™ as efficient storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions for these law enforcement agencies.

This whitepaper briefly explores:

  • Efficient and Cost Effective Data Management with StoneFly SCVM™.
  • Simplified Backup and Disaster Recovery with StoneFly CDR365™.
  • The combination of SCVM™ and CDR365™ deliver the ultimate Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

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