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Storage for Microsoft Azure Cloud – Block, File, Object

    • Add cloud storage on the fly with scalability,  performance , capacity , security
    • Save money on CapEx (Capital Expenses) and OpEx (Operating Expenses)
    • Use off-site Private or Public cloud storage for regulatory compliance
    • Replication and advanced disaster recovery solution
    • Centralize and global file collaboration,  Sync & file share
    • Simplified management,  and built-in data protection
    • Support for NFS, CIFS, Block, Swift S3 Object

StoneFly Storage offers Azure users a scale-out, POSIX compatible, massively scalable, elastic file storage solution with a global namespace.DevOps. File sharing and collaboration,  rich media streaming, big data analytics, Archival, and disaster recovery. POSIX compatibility will provide users the ability to move their existing on-premise applications to Azure without the need to rewrite them.




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StoneFly Cloud Storage for Microsoft Azure

StoneFly Cloud Storage is available in 3 different license configurations or BYOL (Bring Your Own License) for a custom configuration. The comparison matrix below allows you to quickly determine which StoneFly Cloud Storage subscription is the best fit for your business. Once you have selected the package you desire, click on the the package name to be taken directly to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace where you can sign up for your 1-month FREE trial.

Need assistance? Contact the StoneFly cloud sales department at 1.510.265.1616 or click here.


The Works


Scale Out NAS

iSCSI Storage
NAS Storage - NFS
NAS Storage - CIFS/SMB
Delta-Based Snapshots
Thin Provisioning
Synchronous Replication (Campus Mirroring)
Asynchronous Replication
Volume Encryption
Data Deduplication
Easy Active Directory Integration
Up to 16TB per Node
Super Scale Out Storage
Unlimited Hosts

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