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How Cloud Storage Helps in Providing Greater Cyber Security

Cyber security has gained more importance in the 21st century than ever before because of the increased risks that an organization’s data faces. The risks vary from a phishing email which takes credentials of an individual, to a ransomware attack wreaking havoc on a company’s financial existence.

Ransomware not only causes damage to the important data of an organization directly by encrypting it, but causes heights of downtime and data loss. An organization under no condition can tolerate an attack on its precious data; it must look into every and any solution to avoid the loss of data. The solutions can range from cloud based backup to disaster recovery in the cloud. The amalgamation of hackers and cybercriminals have resulted in such ransomware being made in the world that no industry is now safe from the deathly grip of ransomware.

Challenges in Cyber Security; Data Breaches

Over time, people have referred to the most secure computers being those which are not connected to the internet and shielded from any interference. However, in the real world the scenario is totally different; the most secure systems are operating systems where security is not an add-on. There is a great need for cyber security with the increases in data generation in today’s age.

Cloud Storage Security – Iron-Clad Data Defense
  • Need for Protective Environment: Industries where massive data is generated by the second, the work environment needs to be safe from all kind of threats to data. Any computer connected to the network in such an environment will transfer the virus to other connected computers in the same network. The entire work environment will fail due to such threats and viruses will pursue resulting in massive financial losses for the organization.
  • Need for Centralized Management: Research has shown that cyber security threats pose greater risks to data in organizations where key functions are not protected by authorized personnel. The lack of centralized management is becoming a great cause for data loss as viruses attach themselves to valuable data of an organization from a single computer, then spreads across the entire network in a matter of minutes.
  • Need for Scalable Storage Solutions: A great reason for cyber security threats has been linked to the lack of scalability in the data storage of organizations. An organization setting up its own data center becomes cornered at one point when the amount of data storage does not cover up the amount of data generated. They are forced to use other forms of storage which can be prone to attacks.

Cloud Storage Carries Forward Cyber Security with Ease

StoneFly offers cloud backup solutions needed by customers. StoneFly rectifies the problem related to cloud disaster recovery and offers extra features with the partnership with Microsoft Azure Storage. Customers can be sure that they will get data storage which is robust, upholds greater security and is compounded with disaster recovery features. Cloud storage provides an intact and well balanced solution to the storage challenges related to cyber security.

Cloud Storage Security – Iron-Clad Data Defense
  • Durable Storage with Ease of Management: The partnership makes sure that data retention is high and can be brought back in a matter of minutes. Now, attacks cannot pose threats to the data of organizations as they get greater layers of cyber security. Features of file-versioning and data storage snapshots allow for the reconstruction of the work environment in a matter of minutes; data even if breached will never be lost and work will be done again with ease.
  • Increased Security in Storage: StoneFly Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure Storage is secured with the use of end-to-end data encryption ensuring data is only accessible to authorized personnel. Moreover, centralized management is provided which makes sure that the data remains only in the hands of authorized personnel. There is greater data protection which makes sure that the data is protected from all threats and viruses.
  • Scalability in Storage: Cloud storage solutions provide the users with added abilities of using storage which can scale-out according to the needs of the users. Organizations can be free from the fear that they would have to set up their own data center if they run out of storage space. 

The partnership makes sure that there is fast recovery of data which is cost effective as well as efficient. Moreover, customers are provided with added abilities of easy provisioning, monitoring and restoration with the many features that the partnership provides.

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