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Cloud-Based Data Protection Strategies

The first step in adopting the cloud as a part of your data protection strategy is to consider what you are hoping to gain by leveraging the public cloud. While it is true that public cloud use has rapidly gained popularity among IT professionals, it is not prudent to adopt a solution just because it is popular. Today’s public clouds are complex, and it is no longer enough to simply hire a cloud vendor and assume that the cloud migration will go smoothly. The best way to ensure a smooth migration is to adopt a step-by-step process for adopting the cloud as a part of your data-protection strategy.

This whitepaper explores:


  • Why include cloud services in your data protection strategy?
  • Which type of cloud should you use?
  • Considerations for cloud-based data protection
  • Data security in cloud
  • Challenges of data protection in the cloud
  • Designing cloud data protection strategy

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