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Ceph Storage for Object Storage Workloads
This is the story of data. It takes place in a mobile world that is growing every day. Where the demands for larger file sizes and greater file quantity are constantly increasing. Enterprises are trying to meet these demands without sacrificing performance or reliability. That’s where our hero comes in…Object Storage.

Object storage is able to handle enormous amounts of data and files without performance degradation. It bundles data with metadata and stores them with one address, making them easily accessible regardless of where that data is physically located.

Because legacy file storage systems can no longer keep pace with current demands, IT planners have turned to object storage to save the day. And With StoneFly’s Ceph Storage IT planners now have a trusted open source platform that is web scalable and can be deployed for a public or private cloud.

For businesses that utilize media content stores, active archives or Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS), this means a hero they can trust, one that can meet customers’ demands for reliability and availability, and without performance degradation at scale.

Ceph Storage for Object Storage Workloads

StoneFly’s Ceph storage is intended for the cloud, empowering businesses to simplify storage of enterprise data and significantly lower the costs and managing exponential data growth.

According to OpenStack, Ceph is overwhelmingly preferred for storage by users of OpenStack, the fastest growing and most popular open source project. StoneFly’s Ceph storage is open source software defined too and massively scalable and it runs economically on industry-standard hardware.

To make things easy StoneFly’s Ceph storage is now bundled with block, object and file storage in one centrally managed unified platform. StoneFly’s Ceph storage automatically and efficiently manages the terabytes of data needed to run your business so you don’t have to.

Combined with flexible open interfaces, StoneFly’s Ceph storage serves modern workloads and helps you adapt to changing demands more quickly than traditional storage solutions and with StoneFly’s Ceph storage you can avoid proprietary lock-in by building an open source based storage cluster accessible to a broad ecosystem using standard servers and discs.

StoneFly’s Ceph storage is technically advanced and operationally efficient for maximum uptime. It doesn’t rely on a single point of failure. It self-manages and self-heels to reduce maintenance and distributes data dynamically for peak performance.

StoneFly’s Ceph storage is fueled by the open source community for continued innovation and supported and integrated by StoneFly for enterprise production. Modern workloads require storage that scales out the way OpenStack does. For anyone deploying OpenStack, StoneFly’s Ceph storage provides a single unified platform solution that’s elastic, economical, essential, elegant, efficient and easy.


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