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Renowned Educational Institute Counts on StoneFly USO™ to

Deliver Unmatched Data Services


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  •  Microsoft offers availability for Office 365 data but not granular level recovery and point in time restore options.
  • Companies have to be compliant. They need long-term retention of data for compliance which is not offered by Microsoft Office 365
  • The long term retention of data.
  • Management of data and workloads of growing business.
  • Data protection, with complete backup and disaster recovery strategy.
  • Complete control over the data
  • StoneFly USO™ – HyperScale NAS-SAN Object Scale Out Storage Appliance
  • Attained number of hours for productivity
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Cost-effective
  • Industry level compliance
  • All time Availability
  • Fast Data recovery

The Challenge

Our customer, an educational institute in the United States, provides theoretical and experimental learning programs. These programs provide quality and innovative experiences to the students. Their main focus is to enhance the cerebral growth of the students.  The institute serves more than 6,400 students, which build up strong community connections through field studies, volunteer opportunities, civic engagements and internships.

Similar to any other educational institution, this institute also generates TBs of data each day.  They have a legacy environment, manual backups. Their data is kept on, on-premises data centers. “Manual process takes a lot of time, sometimes it takes us weeks to manage our storage systems. The legacy storage is also prone to errors. You can’t go on without creating backups of your data because sometimes something, just happens.” says storage manager, at the renowned institute of United States.

Keeping in mind the geographical location of the institute, the southern zone of US has a high risk of earthquakes. Their legacy infrastructure is very time consuming. Any disruption can lead to loss of work for days or months. This can affect productivity of staff and quality of education. To mitigate the risk of data loss of sensitive data, the institute therefore requires a reliable, cost effective, simple, scalable solution for storage, backup and disaster recovery.

The StoneFly Solution:

Hyperscale, hybrid storage offered by StoneFly is a smart way to solve the challenges faced by the institute. “The storage and backup solutions out in the market today have a high price tag. Being a public institute, even hundreds of dollars make a big difference on our budget. Solution offered by StoneFly is light at our pockets and allow us to save both money and time.”

The hybrid infrastructure of StoneFly Unified Scale-Out™ (USO) storage appliance became a feasible option for the institute. The solution saved both money and time for the institute by providing high-performing, elastic and always available IT infrastructure.

The institute setup a test environment easily and inexpensively. They enjoyed automated services for storage and backups. This also improved their backup and disaster recovery infrastructure and allowed them to focus on the education of students.

The automated tiering allowed them to manage their storage in no time. “With the hybrid infrastructure, we were able to take advantages of physical and virtual environments. Setting up was highly easy and it took few hours only. The perk of this solution is backups and disaster recovery is one click away.”

The intelligent operating system architecture, supports the data dependent processes and applications seamlessly anywhere, anytime. The built-in encryption allows protecting data from getting falsified.

The Results

  • Attained number of hours for productivity: The automated technologies offered by StoneFly USO™ eliminated the need of time consuming processes for storage and data backup. The advanced reporting also allows to immediately figure out if any problem occurs.
  • Seamless Scalability: The on-growing unstructured data can be streamlined from day one. The seamless scalability allows to scale up and scale down according to your need. It not only allows for improved backup process but it also delivers backup to Azure, AWS and any S3 repository.
  • Cost-effective: With high availability active-active cluster nodes the failover and failback is simple. “Legacy infrastructure is a headache and they are vulnerable to disasters. StoneFly USO™ is a cost-effective and simple alternative.” says IT administrator. 
  • Industry level compliance: “The safety of our records, is the key concern. With StoneFly we can ensure that our data is protected and our institute is compliant with privacy regularity”
  • All time Availability: The appliance ensures high-availability as a scale out and fully featured SAN (iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel), NAS(NFS,CIFS).
  • Fast Data recovery: “With a test in the East coast region, we have confidence that we could recover data even after disaster. It would take few hours to recover the data. StoneFly USO™ is smart and efficient.”
Renowned Educational Institute Counts on StoneFly USO™ to Deliver Unmatched Data Services 1

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