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  • Large Data Volume Storage & Processing
  • Performance Intensive Applications
  • Streamlined Workflow
Proposed Solution:
  • Unified Scale Out (USO) Integrated Storage Appliance
StoneFly USO Overview in 10 Seconds:
  • SAN, NAS and Object in One Storage Solution
  • Supported NAS formats NFS and CIFS/SMB.
  • iSCSI Standard Configuration with Support for Fiber Channel Upgrade.
  • Support CSPs: Azure, AWS, StoneFly Private Cloud and Other S3 Compatible Clouds.
  • High Performance Processing with Dual Xeon Processors.
  • Integrated Data Services for Optimized Data Storage: Deduplication, Thin Provisioning, Automated Tiering, Encryption and More.
  • Storage Capacities Range from Terabytes to Petabytes
  • Lag-Free Production & Post-Production Processes
  • Cost-Effective Storage for Large Volumes of Data
  • One Data Center for Compute & Storage
  • Easier Management of Storage Infrastructure
  • Ability to Scale Out in the Future


US-based Media and Entertainment Company with a video production and music recording business.

Challenges: Large Data Volume Storage & Processing, Performance Intensive Applications & Streamlined Workflow

The company produces high definition videos with formats, such as 8k stream, for their clients. Each video is large in size and needs compute intensive applications and programs for the production and the post-production process.

Furthermore, their recording business generates a similar volume of audio data with similar requirements.

The organization needed servers capable of running their applications and programs and they needed cost-effective storage for the large volume of video and audio data as well.

“Production environments cannot tolerate lag and the same goes for post-production. Delivery times are very crucial for us. Our clients want the perfect result in the minimum time. So we needed the technology that could help us make that happen” – stated Bill, Chief Technology Officer of the organization.

The Solution: Unified Scale Out (USO) Integrated Storage Infrastructure

For their use-case, our storage experts proposed the USO-3604 36-bay integrated unified storage appliance fully populated with a combination of 3.5” 7200RPM 16TB SAS and 12Gbs 3.2TB SSDs. The system can provide raw storage capacity of 537TBs with a maximum storage capacity of up to 4PBs with expansion units.


StoneFly’s unified storage platform delivered the high performance storage the organization needed. The USO enabled them to run their compute intensive applications on provisioned SAN repositories running on the SSDs while they could store their data on the cost effective and robust SAS drives by provisioning NAS volumes.

The ability to compute and store in an integrated unified infrastructure was a pleasant surprise for the organization.

“We can run our production and post-production processes and store the finished videos and albums on the same data center. Management is pretty simple. And we love the fact that we can easily scale when we need to” – noted Bill.

Media & Entertainment Company Builds High Performance Production Environment with StoneFly Unified Storage Platform

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