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Biotechnology Company Eliminates Data Management Complexity with

StoneFly Smart cloud Gateway


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  • Storage of large amount of data.
  • Time consuming data transfer between clouds.
  • Expensive backup and disaster recovery solutions in the market.
  • Issue of scaling up within current infrastructure.
  • Rising threats of disasters make data vulnerable.
  • StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway.

  • Simplicity
  • Data Security
  • Fast Data backup and data recoverability
  • Scalability
  • All Time Availability •Industry Level Compliance

The Challenge

Biotechnology companies strive hard to ensure that the patient’s health improvement is on the rise. To keep up, it is important that the speed of change within biotechnology sector occurs at an exponential rate. The continuous drive for innovation increases the pressure on the IT teams of the biotechnology companies. Speedy and scalable data storage, fast backups and disaster recovery; this is needed by biotechnology companies but at low costs and high security.Our customer is a biotechnology company based in the United States. This is a private company which supports the
advancement of scientific research around the world. They are beginners of the cost-effective cell culture media.
Having a staff of 1,100 employees,this biotechnology company has innovating offices in 8 other countries and a large IT Infrastructure. “We have a lot of instruments, and they are creating a lot of data each day. Each data has different nature and have to be kept in different clouds. We needed a low latency, locally accessed and high performance solution.“ Said the IT manager of US Biotechnology

The StoneFly Solution

“We need to analyze and capture data side by side. We sometimes do not use that data for months and sometimes we need it fast. We do not have to think about availability as StoneFly smart cloud gateway fits into that niche really well.” StoneFly smart cloud gateway allows the company to keep things fast and local with full accessibility. “Scalability is as easy as a flip of a switch, we can quickly scale up as we need. We are growing each year and there is no need of buying disks or data centers when we have smart cloud gateway which fits in perfectly.” The solution meets the requirements of the headquarters and several branch offices. “StoneFly storage gateway scales both from small branches of 30 people all the way up through our headquarters of almost a thousand.”

StoneFly smart cloud gateway delivers performance and scalability with security and simplicity. It delivers storage, backup and disaster recovery with archiving in the cloud. “StoneFly smart cloud gateway has made data transfer simple, hassle-free and easy for our IT administrators. The solution allows us to focus on delivering products to the business.”

“The biggest win for us is that we can easily do backups and disaster recovery management (DRM). There was no need to change the way our staff worked and they could analyze and read data in the same way. “said the IT Administrator.

With the sensitive nature of the files, the company needed a fully encrypted data transfer which allows fast transfer but has the enterprise-level security. StoneFly cloud gateway provides SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption for data security, in-transit and at rest. The volume cache provides primary file services which deployed for general file storage. The company uses file Gateway for the videos and archival data. File gateway is used to offload a lot of those files from the primary file storage.

The Results


With automated services of Smart cloud gateway, hours of data transfer are eliminated. The need to time consuming and unreliable backups were washed off. With simple user interface, users can easily setup data transfers from on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud. “The elimination of complex infrastructure, setup and deployment saved us a lot of time to focus on changing lives.”

Data Security:

The StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway provides data security with SSL/TLS tunneling and AES 256-bit encryption. Advanced reporting provides direct and fast signal to the administrators which saves data from any malicious software. “With the StoneFly smart cloud gateway we are able to keep our data encrypted end-to-end with the built-in encryption of the storage gateway.”

Fast Data backup and data recoverability:

With the snapshot technology, data protection from data loss is ensured. Data recoverability is done instantly if any disastrous event occurs. “Buying big disk siloes, with no data protection makes no sense. Now we can recover in the cloud from snapshot technology if we face any issue.”


In the world of biotechnology, innovation is constant. With innovation data is constantly on the rise. Creating large amount of data, means slow data transfer. StoneFly cloud storage gateway allows fast data transfer from TBs to PBs of data. “StoneFly cloud storage gateway allows us to mark down innovation without the worry of data transfer.”

Availability of Data:

Biotechnology needs data available at hand, so that nothing stops them in innovating for saving lives. “Data availability has now become the easiest thing to do. We can access our archival data as well within seconds.”

Industry Level Compliance:

Cloud gateway solution provides industry level compliance. The compliance with HIPAA/HITRUST provides protection of sensitive data and peace of mind for the management. “We are now relaxed, because we know that our data is safe and secure”

Biotechnology Company Eliminates Data Management Complexity with StoneFly Smart cloud Gateway 1

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