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StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises


Cloud has empowered many people to reap the benefits of technology. You have to choose a cloud service provider that handles all your requirements. StoneFly Cloud for the Enterprise provides performance, reliability, and scalability for your mission-critical applications. StoneFly has you covered.

Why Use StoneFly SCVM™ cloud-based solution?

We can let people build the business that is just in the cloud.  StoneFly SCVM™ help the customers to manage their data, protect their data, secure their data, integrate and orchestrate their data. It can be on a single cloud or many. StoneFly also provides a hybrid structure which is the combination of on-premises infrastructure and the cloud.

StoneFly SCVM™ has been built up to solve the problems and utilize the advanced opportunities. It helps to protect, move and integrate data, giving you what it takes to prevail in the competitive market.  We provide a full service with cost-effective pay as you go model. It is the cloud built for you, with you, by you.

Why Do You Need StoneFly SCVM’s File Storage Instead of Object Storage Provided by the Cloud Provider?

Many cloud providers provide object storage. An object is a descriptive storage protocol. It is a flat structure in which the files are broken into pieces and spread out among the hardware. The data is kept in a single repository. Object storage focuses in storing a large amount of unstructured data at scale. Object storage is not as fast as file storage. If you look at legacy there are a lot of applications and databases which demand file based storage. It is a traditional concept of storage.  Many organizations want to avoid CAPEX investments in on-premises storage solutions and that makes cloud-based file storage relevant for multiple use cases which would need file share over protocols such as NFS or CIFS.  The files are stored and accessed from the protocol such as NFS or SMB/CIFS which is configured with the storage.

  • The File level storage is easy and simple, to use and implement.
  • This level of storage is inexpensive to be maintained.
  • NAS (network attached storage systems) depend on the file level storage.
  • File storage is efficient enough to handle the access control, integration with company directories and so on.
  • Scale-Out-NAS is a type of file level storage with which you can scale a single volume across many nodes. Through this the capacity is scaled out and the performance too.
  • You can Click here and view the products of StoneFly which are featuring File Level Storage.

There are distinct advantages to file that cloud companies have realized they need, to win the enterprise business. There are number of use cases that demand file. Such as media & entertainment workflows which are constantly changing. Many leverage a hybrid cloud deployment and need a standardized access using network file protocol. They require flexibility, security and consistent, fast access to data from off-the-shelf, custom-built and partner solutions. Every enterprise has different requirements and StoneFly SCVM™ provides all types of storage Block, File and Object. This makes enterprises meet their storage needs.

An effective use of cloud storage should be able to minimize costs by reducing the storage usage. Commonly pay as you go model is used for storage. By using StoneFly SCVM™ you can reduce the cost of cloud storage solution as the size of the files can be reduced with various methods like thin provisioning, data compression, deduplication and data tiering.

StoneFly SCVM™ is cooperative with AWS cloud, Azure cloud and StoneFly’s private cloud and even another public and private cloud storage.

Common Use Cases of SCVM™:

Here are some use cases which can help you understand where you can effectively use SCVM™.

  1. Setup NAS (Network Attached Storage) in the Cloud

Unstructured data is a trouble in any work environment. With StoneFly SCVM you can easily setup NAS in the cloud. Services like online volume migration, encryption, unlimited storage volume creation, snapshot and much more can allow you to share the stored data with multiple hosts.

You can use NAS storage to store your data effectively. You can have a number of options like you have an on-premises NAS appliance, NAS in the cloud, and hybrid NAS solution. You can have any of these which suits your company’s requirements.

You can acquire NAS storage on the cloud from Azure marketplace.

  1. Setup SAN (Storage Area Network) in the Cloud:

With StoneFly SCVM you can setup SAN in the cloud which is good for backup and disaster recovery. You can use SAN as a block level storage. It includes the data services of deduplication, encryption and 10x faster data transfer rate. When you setup SAN in the cloud with StoneFly SCVM you don’t have to worry about compute and capacity issues.

  1. Setup both SAN and NAS in the Cloud:

There is a smarter way, with SCVM instead of creating SAN and NAS separately, you can deploy the combination of both in the cloud. The combination of SAN and NAS is a plus and this includes the data services like snapshot, volume replication, encryption and much more.


StoneFly SCVM™ for Microsoft Azure

Through StoneFly SCVM™ you can migrate Petabytes of data to the Azure cloud with re-engineering any applications. Microsoft supports our product. Azure has chosen us to provide enterprise hybrid cloud storage. StoneFly SCVM™ delivers enterprise level cloud solution which simplifies data management and control in Azure cloud.  The data is highly available, secure, protected and well managed with StoneFly SCVM™.

The software enables IT environments to deploy Network Attached Storage (NAS) in the cloud, Storage Area Network (SAN) in the cloud and both NAS and SAN in the cloud. IT environments can not only manage their data efficiently but they can also protect it and archive it using StoneFly and Azure’s reliable data security services.

Why You Should Setup Stonefly SCVM™?

There are couple of reasons due to which you should use SCVM™. Some of them are listed below.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 1

Simply Powerful

You can migrate your data to Azure without expensive re-engineering. You can get block storage performance at object storage prices.  

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 1

Frictionless Experience

StoneFly SCVM is easy to try, buy and setup.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 1

Data Security

There are advanced data protection features which are essential to keep your data safe.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 1

Cost Effective Solution:

StoneFly SCVM is a cost effective solution that offers flexibility to businesses which eliminates the cost of additional hardware or services.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 5

Non-Stop Storage

SCVM provides all time availability without any downtime.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 5

Agile Storage

You can have the software on demand where and when you need. Users can have it on-premises and the cloud.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 5

Performance and Capacity

StoneFly SCVM allows you to have maximum performance while reducing storage I/O and costs.

StoneFly SCVM™ ALL-IN-ONE cloud based solution for enterprises 5

Enterprise level Scalability

SCVM™ offers unlimited scalability in the cloud of your choosing.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure with (SCVM™)

There are surveys which indicate that there are several enterprises which still require on-premise storage appliances. These storage appliances are probably battle tested and reliable but their usual drawback is that they do not deliver cloud connect services. This means that the enterprise cannot access the cloud computing models available via these appliances.

StoneFly’s SCVM™ allows cloud connect services. For legacy infrastructure it acts as a cloud gateway appliance. The enterprise can simply setup StoneFly’s SCVM™ and tap into cloud storage that they need within their existing infrastructure.

This article is a brief discussion about SCVM™ to learn more StoneFly SCVM™, click here.

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