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Shortcomings of Traditional Backup & Restore Resolved with the StoneFly DR365

AUGUST, 2017
Data protection and recovery ranks among the top five challenges when Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are asked to identify the challenges they face. This rank for data protection and recovery has been consistent for years. This is because there are a number of variables involved that demand considerable considerations.
The most important variables are limiting downtime and eliminating data loss. The significance of these variables is due to the fact that companies around the world are evolving into software companies. Softwares are being employed for research, analytics, and to assist in efficiency and productivity of overall operations. This generates data that is mission critical and requires reliable backup and disaster recovery. Loss of this data means financial impact, productivity reduction and loss of reputation.

Studies indicate there are two reasons why enterprises and users who need data protection aren’t using a comprehensive data protection solution. These two reasons are: cost and complexity. These challenges usually stand in the way of customers requiring a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.

Challenges with Traditional Backup & Disaster Recovery

Costs are directly dependent on data growth. Data is growing exponentially, regardless of the industry. This means, that the relevant cost is also increasing explosively. The challenge becomes the reduction of cost while procuring a reliable means of protecting this ever growing pool of data. There are enterprises and users who have deployed multiple protection solutions. That’s because they have workloads and jobs that their operations simply cannot afford to lose, so they bear the outrageous costs that follow. The reason to bring this up is that apart from the cost, complexity also becomes an issue with multiple solutions. These challenges stand in the way of properly backing up data. Therefore, even though you may realize the impact of data loss and the damage dealt due to downtime; you still don’t acquire a backup and disaster recovery solution.

Twin Challenges: Cost & Complexity

Due to the cost and complexity, not many enterprises and users opt to protect 100% of their data with a disaster recovery and backup solution. The reason for that is the collective implications of cost and complexity. Other than that, some enterprises prefer certain compliance regulations to be met as well. There are other factors depending on the industry as well. For instance, if it’s a business environment then there are other challenges involved. There are challenges like how do I keep my business running? How do I limit downtime? These challenges are applicable side by side to the challenges imposed by disaster recovery and backup solutions.

Even if you do employ traditional means of technology to ensure high availability, disaster recovery, backup and archiving; there is a diminishing return on your initial investment. Specifically, when it comes to return point objects (RPO). If your data is mission critical and your operations cannot tolerate to lose a single thing, then that means you need zero RPO and you have to failover instantly. There are solution providers who enable that with traditional technology but the costs are phenomenal. The costs are so high that instead of bearing them you don’t mind taking a little hit to your data to ensure some cost efficiency. If you wish to retain your data for compliance reasons or for research purposes for longer periods of time, it becomes more costly as well. That’s because the longer you keep the data, the more cost it piles up.

StoneFly DR365 Backup Appliance

and new user created VMs to be spun up directly on the appliance. StoneFly DR 365 also includes a backup agent license. This license is used exclusively for DR365 agentless backups for all VMs including Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory servers running on the appliance; without any additional costs. There are storage controllers and backup controllers in the DR365; these provide a diverse range of features and functionality for backup, data management, high availability and mobility.

StoneFly DR365: Cloud Connect with Public & Private Cloud

The StoneFly DR365 facilitates cloud connect to major public clouds and StoneFly’s private cloud. StoneFly is partnered with Microsoft Azure and Amazon, therefore you can backup your data to the cloud using DR365 in Azure or AWS. StoneFly also enables you to gain access to the low access frequency tiers of Azure and AWS. Therefore, you can have an effective and cost efficient way of archiving your data in the cloud. StoneFly’s private cloud features enable you to replicate your data and create images of it. These images are then stored and used when you need to recover your data due to data loss incurred by a disaster (artificial and natural).

There are a million reasons why you should choose StoneFly DR365 and not a single reason why you shouldn’t!

StoneFly compatibility ensures you get what you want

Regardless of which StoneFly product or solution you choose, you get to enjoy StoneFly’s compatibility.

StoneFly is partnered with Veeam, Microsoft, Amazon and many other mainstream service providers. Therefore, StoneFly comes with a lot more options due to its compatibility.

StoneFly Cloud Connect: Unlimited & Reliable Storage in the Cloud

All of StoneFly’s products enable you to connect to a private or a public cloud. This means that you get access to a reliable appliance which also connects you to the cloud and gives you access to an unlimited storage space. You can also use the services of Azure or Amazon using StoneFly’s appliances. If you have data that you wish to archive, you can utilize the low access frequency tiers of the public clouds and archive your data at very low costs. This gives you a reason to secure 100% of your operations.

StoneFly also provides a scale-out NAS storage appliance; you can store your files and share them across a network. You can also archive them in cloud and you can rest assured that your data is protected and will not cost you as much as it would through traditional means.

With StoneFly’s services and appliances, you can be sure that your data will always be recoverable due to StoneFly’s replications services. You get a reliable and cost effective disaster recovery service and a trustworthy cloud backup; which is employed by customers around the globe.

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