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Scale-Out NAS Storage: An Intact Solution to Your Storage Needs



StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS storage provides the world with a well-balanced storage solution. StoneFly has taken upon itself to provide hyper-converged backup and disaster recovery appliances as physical or virtual solutions via on-premise, remote, private or public cloud installations, to make sure that the rapidly increasing storage needs of the customers are met with the greatest of ease.

Problems with Traditional Storage

Rapid technological advancements are causing data to become bigger and bigger for integrated workflows. Crucial business decisions are based on the increasing amounts of data. There is an important need for the expansion of data for the survival and excellence of businesses. Such a dire need has resulted in the traditional data storage options becoming obsolete.

Scale-Out NAS Storage: An Intact Solution to Your Storage Needs 1
  • Investment of Time: By using the traditional storage options, which may or may not involve cloud storage and backup, organizations were tasked by doing all the work on their own. Experts were required to evaluate the options of storage and then choose an appropriate vendor from the options. The work of the organizations did not end here and they were further burdened by the negotiation of price of the hardware and software equipment to be used. At the end came the work of installing, testing and implementing the entire hardware and software.
  • High Financial Investment: Using the traditional storage options result in much more expenses than using the modern technologically advanced storage options. A lot of financial resources are spent on the initial buying of the hardware and software. Organizations are forced to over-buy because of the inability to repeat the same expensive and time-consuming process all over again.
  • Lack of Scalability: Traditional storage is inflexible, rigid and does not allow businesses to be agile. Businesses are incapable of increasing storage space immediately which results in slow operations of business resulting in loss of revenues. With rapid advancements in technology, businesses are always seeking more clientele which results in the demand for greater storage needs overtime. The growing storage needs are not met by the traditional storage options. Traditional storage options put restrictions on you as a customer because you know you will be stuck with the amount of storage; or you can bear the increased costs to increase the storage.
  • Pressure of Increased Commitment: With businesses being stuck in long term contracts with their vendors, traditional storage causes customers to be bound with one capacity of storage. The contractual commitment with the vendors results in limitations on the amount of storage. The customer is at a disadvantage by not having a centralized backup and recovery solution; what will the customer do if the actual future storage growth surpasses the predicted future storage growth?

StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS Storage for Backup, Your Storage Can Always Rack Up

To avoid the storage silos from reaching unmanageable amounts with the traditional storage methods and also be free of the increased risks, time and money attached with them, StoneFly provides appropriate backup and replication solutions.

Scale-Out NAS Storage: An Intact Solution to Your Storage Needs 2

The StoneFly Scale-out NAS Storage Appliances deliver unprecedented performance, scalability and redundancy. The Scale-Out NAS Storage Appliances are intended for customers demanding a powerful storage solution that supports unstructured data for virtual, physical and cloud environments – Scaling out storage capacity while scaling-up performance.

Backup and replication using StoneFly’s Scale-out NAS storage helps in the timely deployment of storage to cater to the storage needs of the customers. Customers can easily evaluate and choose the storage they require now and scale-out as their needs grow – avoiding the increased costs of time to be put into them.

StoneFly provides Scale-out NAS storage to its customers which requires the customers to pay as they go. Customers are only charged for the amount of consumption resulting in lower costs than the traditional storage methods; the true benefit that the customers gain lies in the element of affordability.

We make sure that the restrictions imposed on you by the traditional storage methods are lifted by providing storage that can scale-out. With increases in the amounts of data being used daily, it has become a necessity for customers to implement an additional storage solution that can scale out. StoneFly has taken it upon itself to provide the customers with the very storage they desire; NAS storage which scales out helping the customers increase storage capacity as they require.


In a world where every business, be it small or big, has been taken by storm with technological progress, it has even become difficult for experts to exactly calculate their future storage needs. What happens under a situation where the actual future storage growth exceeds the predicted future storage growth? StoneFly addresses such a problem through its Scale-out NAS storage which requires the least commitment from customers. The solution is customer centric with the customers having all the freedom in choosing the amount of storage they need and paying only for the amount of storage used.

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