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Leveraging Purpose Built Cloud Service Provider for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery top the list of applications that companies hope to migrate to the cloud. Storing backup data offsite, retaining it for long-term, scaling up, and testing and performing reliable disaster recoveries make the cloud ideally suited for these type of applications.

Companies migrating to the cloud first think general purpose cloud service providers (CSP) such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud as the best platforms to deliver backup and recovery services. However, propose-built CSPs providing disaster recovery services are best positioned to deliver on these services. The purpose built backup and disaster recovery cloud service providers deliver these services at lower costs and more effectively and quickly than Azure, AWS and Google Cloud with much less effort.

Purpose built CSPs tune their cloud operations specifically for cloud based disaster recovery and backup. This approach shortens the learning curve for companies adopting a cloud-based solution for the first time and takes much of the risk out of cloud adoption.

Purpose built cloud service providers for backup and disaster recovery

While surveys on how well organizations backup and recover their data vary, many put the percentage of organizations with unreliable means of backup and disaster recovery at 50% or greater. Companies looking to solve their backup and disaster recovery problems and have a reliable solution, will find stonefly a best fit. The attractiveness of using StoneFly’s cloud solutions to solve backup and recovery problems of these organizations makes sense on multiple fronts. For example, StoneFly makes it very easy to get started with the cloud – no more than one-time registration and a user log-in are required.

With StoneFly’s purpose built private cloud for backup and replication, and cloud backup repository software built-in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and support of industry leading backup and disaster recovery software such as Veeam and CDR365™, companies can find the quick fix to their backup and disaster recovery problems. Any organization can tap in to unlimited amounts of storage to store their backup data in the cloud.

Customers across the U.S. can backup and replicate their on-premise data in the StoneFly private cloud storage. This service enables businesses to restore backup data or spin up virtual machines and recover their entire IT operations or test their disaster recovery strategy at any anytime. For customers outside the U.S., the StoneFly cloud backup repository built in Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS worldwide datacenters, provides companies with the opportunity to store and recover application data, emails and files at an industry-compliant datacenter in their region.

Throw-in the low costs where companies pay only for the resources that they use monthly and the ability to scale up/down based-on demand, and the exceptional level of support and it is no wonder many customers of all sizes are using the StoneFly cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. Organizations can backup any type of application whether it resides on a physical or virtual machine or any other type of data with StoneFly. StoneFly’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions address other long-standing challenges such as:

  • Moving backup data off-site
  • Long term archiving for backup data
  • Implementing a disaster recovery plan that organizations can execute within specified recovery time objectives
  • Minimize the amount of IT staff time required for managing backup and disaster recovery
  • Minimizing the complexity and costs associated with using backup and disaster recovery in the cloud
  • Ensuring compliance with privacy regulations for data security and retention

Cloud built for data protection and data management

StoneFly offers you the chance to transform your legacy infrastructure into one smart, reliable and secure solution via cloud-based backup and disaster recovery. StoneFly delivers a radically simple cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions built for data protection and data management. Unlock the architecture required to manage data at scale globally with the power of one click to backup or recover entire virtual machines, application items or even a single file. Overcome disasters and rebuild your business by provisioning servers or replicating an entire system in minutes. StoneFly’s Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions include:

StoneFly’s Cloud solutions provide key features that companies expect a purpose built CSP to deliver and even some they may not expect. The inclusion of no penalties for data retrieval, unlimited, free DR testing and over 18 years of experience in storage and backup set StoneFly apart from general purpose CSPs and even many purpose built CSPs. Confidently move ahead with cloud solutions built specifically for backup and disaster recovery needs. Give us a call at (510) 265 1616 or send us an email at


Organizations want the higher-levels of availability, reliability, flexibility, feature functionality and security that cloud provides. By leveraging the purpose built backup and recovery solutions of StoneFly, companies can quickly and effectively get started on their cloud adoption initiatives while at the same time resolve their long-standing backup and disaster recovery challenges.

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