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Introduction to The StoneFly Scale-Out NAS Storage


MARCH, 2017

Are you ready to handle the explosive growth of unstructured data? Chances are you are not, why? traditional workloads have led to disparate siloed storage approaches and next generation workloads require even more emerging strategies. Data analytic solutions and mobile to the cloud are such examples to name a few.


The result is too many storage silos which increases your risk and costing you time, money and too much overhead. But there is a solution that allows you to take control of your storage, StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS Storage.

StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS Storage solution is the ideal platform to store, protect and manage un-structured data that provides massive flexibility, massive efficiency and massive savings – a Massive Advantage.

The StoneFly Scale Out NAS Storage Appliances deliver unprecedented performance, scalability and redundancy. The Scale-Out NAS Storage Appliances are intended for customers demanding a powerful storage solution that supports unstructured data for virtual, physical and cloud environments – Scaling out storage capacity while scaling-up performance.


Introduction to The StoneFly Scale-Out NAS Storage 1

Platform that scales across virtual, physical and cloud resources without limits

Each StoneFly Scale Out NAS Storage node supports up-to 256 drives or 2.5 PetaBytes (2,560 TeraBytes). This can be scaled out to 100s or 1000s of nodes based on-demand. The StoneFly Scale-Out NAS Storage nodes are perfect for managing large quantities of unstructured Object or File Storage within a single global-namespace.

The StoneFly Scale-Out NAS Storage supports simultaneous multi-protocol NFS, Fiber, iSCSI, NFS, S3 Object and Infiniband across multiple network interconnects, including 8, 16 and 32 GB Fiber Channel, GbE, 10 GbE and InfiniBand.

StoneFly’s Scale-Out NAS Storage appliances are designed for markets that require parallel throughput and high bandwidth such as High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data, Persistent Storage, Oil and Gas, Media and Entertainment, Education Institutions, Manufacturing Companies and Life Sciences.

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