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Ensuring business continuity through Veeam Direct Restore in Microsoft Azure


JUNE 2018

Disasters can strike anytime causing your business great loss. Are you sure that your business can overcome the challenges and downtime in the event of any disaster? You should have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan so that, your business is not effected by any disaster.

Veeam Direct Restore in Microsoft Azure provides you a simple and highly secure way to recover on-premises workloads to the public cloud. Veeam and Microsoft Azure can help you to have business continuity and availability of your data and applications. This solution allows you to have public cloud as recovery site and helps you avoid more costly recovery sites.

If you are connecting to a remote site branch office or extending the on-premises networks to cloud, there is usually a high level of complexity and cost involved. When it comes to disasters, these factors are only exaggerated and often become unbearable for companies. While its no secret that backup and replication processes aren’t easy, StoneFly’s technology and the combined experience of Veeam, StoneFly, and Azure, make it as easy as possible for you and your company to reliably recover and backup your data. But how do we actually recover the data once it has been lost?

The combination of Veeam Backup and Azure creates a new solution for networking and restoration. Veeam PN (Powered Network) is at the heart of this solution as it extends on-premises network to Azure network. This enhances its ability to backup anything, anywhere and restore it to Azure.

Three step process recovery to Azure:

Three easy steps allows users to recover to Azure:

  • Create Azure Account to preconfigure Veeam backup & replication.
  • Establish network connectivity with Veeam PN. ( Read More )
  • Restore directly to Azure.

As a part of Veeam Backup and Replication this is the key solution that delivers cloud restore for Veeam backups. The simplification by Veeam PN allows you to eliminate the complexity of VPN installation and provides simple network configuration to create a recovery site in Microsoft Azure.

Data is growing constantly and it is difficult to scale or manage the critical workloads of the organization. However, with StoneFly innovative storage and backup technologies businesses can transcend these limitations. With StoneFly’s Veeam ready appliances that deliver cloud connect services to Microsoft Azure, an enterprise can address:

  • Storage requirements.
  • Setup reliable backup and replication jobs.
  • Setup scalable backup in the Azure cloud.
  • And more.

Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure benefits to customers:

  • Business continuity:

The Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure enables customers to have the core benefit of business continuity. Even at the time of disaster, their businesses will face minimum downtime. Hot tier data, for example,  has the RTPOs (Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives) that are kept under 15 minutes.

More On Business continuity

  • Eradicates High costs:

This solution eliminates the high costs of the dedicated recovery sites. It is cost effective as well.

  • Simple Recovery site configuration:

Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure enables the customers to have a simple way to configure and deploy a network setup.

  • Secure Migration:

This solution provides the customers a secure migration of on-premises workloads to Microsoft Azure.

There are two major components of this solution:

  1. Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure
  2. Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure


  • Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure

Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure allows you to take on-premises physical and virtual workloads and migrate them to the cloud. The data is restored when the Veeam PN extends the on-premises network with Azure network. Restoring data is essential for any organization. Backup and restore goes hand to hand. By Veeam Restore to Microsoft Azure you don’t have to pre-deploy any appliance and you can restore it directly to Azure.


  • Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure

As mentioned before, Veeam PN is the heart of this solution as it extends on-premises network to Azure network and this enhances the ability to backup anything, anywhere and restore to Azure. This constitutes a simple and systemized way of setting up a recovery site. It eliminates manually networking and provides on demand recovery in the cloud.

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