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Benefits of Using the StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution

The StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution provides a low-cost storage service built for data archival. One of the benefits of the Cloud Archiving solution is you can start archiving your storage data in as little as $10/Tb per month and you only have to pay for what you use.

Benefits of Using the StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution
Contrary to some of the expensive on-premises archival solutions, you will not have to purchase expensive physical storage infrastructure or hire the staff to maintain them. This is a huge benefit to customers who are thinking about building archival applications but do not know where to start.

Archival data is the data important to retain for future references even though you do not access it frequently. For instance, tax records, childhood pictures and large amounts of unstructured data. This is for customers who plan to have their data for months, years or decades. The StoneFly Archiving Cloud Solution is designed for long-term storage and archival.

For businesses, there are very strict regulatory reasons to retain data over long periods of time. Typically, a business will get a subpoena for an investigation which requires retrieving the data of one of their customers from many years ago. This requires businesses to retain the data for many years.

Data Archiving Use Cases

Enterprises information archiving includes archiving emails, business records, documents, database backups and other unstructured content. Driven by business needs, many enterprises archive data for compliance requirements and to reduce the primary storage costs. Long data retention is a requirement of the legal regulations of many business operating in the different industries and with StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution, enterprises can cut down the costs and still meet the compliance requirements.

Media companies’ core assets such as books, movies, music, and TV can grow to hundreds of petabytes. StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution reduces the cost of storing these assets while simultaneously increasing the durability, ease of use, and accessibility of the content. They can leverage security as well as the fact that storing data in StoneFly’s Archival Cloud makes it easier to access the content. Also, research and scientific organizations, such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as Universities, store large but rarely accessed data sets.

Benefits of Archiving with the StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution

Benefits of Using the StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution
If you are like most businesses you need lots of storage to allow your applications to run smoothly and ensure your data is backed up and secure. This means every time you add an application or your business grows you need to add more storage. You keep buying storage and hiring more staff to manage it. And you have to buy even more storage to back it all up. Besides backing up all the data, every so often you will also get rid of the old systems and upgrade them with new systems as the support lifecycle ends.

The StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution makes it easy to securely backup and archive enterprise data. It automatically and securely backs up your data offsite and eliminates the need to add more and more servers, storage and networking devices. Storing data in the cloud means no more expensive hardware to buy and no more complex hardware to configure, manage and sustain. Plus you get simple pay-as-you-go pricing, so you only pay for the storage you actually use.

The StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution includes a software appliance that sits on-premise in your data center and it archives your data in the Cloud. It securely transfers your data over SSL and stores data at rest using AES 256 bit encryption. You can pull this data back into your data centers whenever you need it.

The StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution provides a flexible and scalable data archival solution for long-term data retention and compliance management to manage expanding governmental regulations around data handling. In addition, the StoneFly Cloud Archiving solution, enables you to archive your data in multiple clouds for high availability, low-cost and durability. And when your employees leave the company, you can revoke access and securely archive and store data quickly.


The StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution easily and securely, connects your on-premise storage infrastructure to the cloud for a low cost, durable cloud storage. It provides secure storage for data archiving and backup and you can reliably store large or small amounts of data in the cloud for as little as $10/Tb per month. The StoneFly Cloud Archiving Solution is a great storage choice when low cost storage is paramount and your data is rarely retrieved.

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