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Affordable and efficient cloud-based disaster recovery


JUNE, 2017


It wasn’t that long ago when most people were priced out of disaster recovery. Protecting your environment came down to two choices one double up on existing hardware and just leave it on standby until needed or to restore from old, slow and unreliable backup media.

Fast forward to the cloud infrastructures of today though and things have changed. First your recovery site is virtual not physical, so there are no hardware costs or compatibility requirements, instead you get your own ring-fence resources in an ultra-secure data centers. Second, resources are hosted on a secure infrastructure platform that are also flexible. You can switch them on or off or scale them up or down whenever you need.

In a few clicks you can spin up anything from a single virtual machine to an entire data center to test how things would run in an actual disaster. This not only consumes fewer resources over time than traditional disaster recovery, it uses those resources more efficiently – meaning you can provision less over time and receive a better more cost-effective service.

Whether it’s failing hardware, floods, fires or something else, downtime is about more than just technology. It could cost the whole business more than anticipated in unexpected ways. That’s why speed of recovery is so important.

Affordable and efficient cloud-based disaster recovery 1

Build your business around StoneFly-powered DRaaS

To keep your business running, StoneFly availability services provide a holistic disaster recovery solution to ensure your business remains fully functional at all times. StoneFly disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers fully managed recovery services for your overall IT environment from replication of data infrastructure to applying configuration changes, managing the business continuity plan, constant proactive monitoring of the health of your environment and actual disaster recovery management. StoneFly disaster recovery as a service provides a true end-to-end recovery solution to keep your business up and running.

Like most businesses, your environment is comprised of one or more production data centers with servers, storage, networks, operating systems, applications and databases all of which are necessary to run your business under normal operations. Your users connect to one or more data centers accessing the network and generating and consuming data resulting in a multitude of connections and components in your production environment.

To help prevent application outages the StoneFly recovery environment mirrors your environment while providing broad coverage for your hardware components, operating systems (OSs) and applications. As part of the DRaaS service, StoneFly manages the replication of your data and proactively monitors your recovery environment allowing you to view the health of your environment, when your data was last replicated and how ready your recovery environment is to keep your business running when disaster strikes.

In addition, when there are changes to your production environment, StoneFly automated backup service monitors and applies those changes to your recovery environment to ensure a seamless match with no configuration gap if a failover occurs. In the event of a disaster, the StoneFly disaster recovery service is activated in the right sequence with the right data in a failover process that’s customized specifically for your business.

By using the appropriate disaster recovery technologies from our Best of Breed technology partners such as Veeam, processes that integrate these technologies and StoneFly experience on these technologies and processes, the disaster recovery failover will be successfully carried out.

StoneFly DR365: enterprise backup appliance

StoneFly DR365 appliance node provides simple affordable and secure disaster recovery solution, equipping organizations with the ability to restore critical systems, applications and business files in 15 minutes or less. It’s push-button failover for every company.

With StoneFly DR365 appliance you can boot up servers and applications from the cloud, failover appliance or from the cloud. If your server goes down you can boot your servers and applications from the appliance or from the second paired appliance. In the event of a site-wide failure where natural disaster wipes out your primary or even secondary site, you can boot from the cloud.

Unlike other solutions that can only boot up applications running VMware, StoneFly DR365 supports six Hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat Virtualization, Linux KVM, and Oracle VM Server.

With DR365 appliance you never have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. A built in military-grade security protects your data by encrypting it at the source, in transit and at rest and we give you the option to hold the encryption key so that you’re the only one who can view and decrypt your data.

 StoneFly availability services provide a holistic disaster recovery in the cloud solution in less than 15 minutes tailored to your business needs and your unique environment. StoneFly DRaaS takes away the complexity of recovery so you can get back to business as usual and as fast as possible. It’s never been this simple or affordable to have a disaster recovery plan that’s proven to work.

To learn more about StoneFly availability services contact us today.


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