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Overview of the Azure Cloud Stack Architecture

Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform which lets you deliver Azure services in your data center. It comprises of new systems that enables you to have new scenarios for your modern applications meet security and compliance requirements. The Azure cloud stack offers you to have two deployment options to meet your needs. The article discusses the overview of the Azure Cloud Stack Architecture

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Financial Services Providers

Financial services have many different entities. Each and every single entity shares the same common requirement which is availability of services. Providing this successfully is in the hands of IT administrators and decision makers who have to provide a platform which promotes growth in the financial sector. Strategizing a good business continuity and disaster recovery ensures data security. StoneFly has also partnered up with Veeam to provide greater bandwidth for the data being transferred.

Internet Networking Problems

Today’s internet is suffering significant problems and growing pains and it’s worth bearing some of these in mind and thinking about them, as many of them give rise to interesting research problems to think about. The thing that all of those problems have in common is that they all require changes to the basic infrastructure and changing basic infrastructure is really difficult. SDN is the key. Software defined networking makes it easier to solve some of these problems by rolling out new software technologies, protocols, and other systems to help manage some of these issues

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