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Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Microsoft Azure and StoneFly Cloud Storage

MARCH, 2017
The ability to analyze, explore and share tremendous volumes of scientific data is critical for research, discoveries and collaborations worldwide. This ability is more readily attainable than ever, thanks to the cloud.

Today’s cutting-edge researchers move to the cloud leaving behind the limitations of physical data processing facilities and high costs. Cloud computing has changed the way research is done, bringing almost limitless computational-power and scalability to data intensive research.

Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Microsoft Azure and Stonefly Storage

Cloud computing in the field of genomics & Medical Imaging

Researchers across disciplines and throughout the world are using cloud computing to share and process enormous datasets, quickly and inexpensively. In the burgeoning field of genomics, cloud computing is helping to put cancer treatment on a whole new trajectory as researchers work to identify the link between a specific patient’s cancer and the individual’s genome.

Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Microsoft Azure and Stonefly Storage
In medical imaging, the cloud is aiding in the search for anomalies in the brain and other complex anatomical structures. Urban sciences have also experienced a boost thanks to cloud computing. Researchers are using the cloud to blend data from cities around the globe as they search for subtle signals and complex patterns and covering relationships and issues in water management, waste disposal and public health.
Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Microsoft Azure and Stonefly Storage

Urban development and climate change

In terms of urban development, cloud computing is enabling architects and engineers to design the most energy-efficient buildings, paving the way towards tomorrow’s greener cities. Cloud-based instrument data-gathering techniques are being used to help researchers study everything from ocean chemistry to air quality to changing weather patterns. This wealth of data is informing discussions about earth systems such as the causes and consequences of climate change.

Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Microsoft Azure and Stonefly Storage

Understanding the consequences of climate change requires cooperation between scientists across many disciplines sharing data, calculations, models and results. Cloud computing is the ideal infrastructure to support such collaborative research. It makes it easy for scientists to quickly share not only their findings but also their data and the entire process by which they generated their results.

Now in its eighth generation, StoneFly Cloud Storage is a proven, solid client platform with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Integrated with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, StoneFly Cloud Storage for Microsoft Azure offers Storage as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), remote OS boot from the cloud, and the provisioning of data stores for physical or virtual environments.

StoneFly cloud Storage provides a scalable cloud storage and elastic file storage solution with a global namespace. Collaboration, Big Data Analytics, File Sharing, Rich Media Streaming, Archival, and Disaster Recovery are easier than ever before with StoneFly.

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