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StoneFly's core network storage operating system, StoneFusion, offers storage virtualization, volume management and advanced storage services at the OS level, not the device level, which allows organizations to build robust SAN (iSCSI & Fibre Channel) suitable for a variety of applications: email, database, archive, backup and online transaction processing. With the robust virtualization engine that serves as the backbone to the StoneFusion OS, disparate storage resources from multiple sources can be pooled into iSCSI resources. With support for a variety of storage types, volumes can be carved into resources optimized for individual applications based on performance, disk speed, redundancy, or capacity. iSCSI volumes can also take advantage of advanced functionality including snapshots, synchronous mirroring and asynchronous mirroring.

Video : StoneFly SAN (iSCSI & Fibre Channel) + VMware

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